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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • jarvis cockers mum lives near worksop, in carlton in lindrick.
  • the dude off hollyoaks, but now plays jamie hope on emmerdale. he goes out with a worksop lass. goes in the cannon a lot. thats a good pub by the way, always nice and friendly,n really nice food! the staff are all ace too!
  • Bruce Dickinson (lead singer of Iron-Maiden) was actually born on Manton Crescent and his Nan has just moved from a house on Netherton Rd.
  • Vicky Powell - now a pornstar. Educated at Valley.
  • The most famous former resident has to be Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden
  • none people who are born here don't leave
  • Grahem Taylor,Bruce Dickinson,David Dickinson "so i'm reliably told",Lee Westwood,Donald Pleasance to name a few
  • Lee Westword, Donald Pleasence
  • Jarvis Cocker shops in the Carlton branch of budgens and was served by the lad whose shirt was 18 sizes too big and owner of the biggest eyebrows in Britain.
  • richard bacon (big breakfast) went to worksop college, lee westwood the golfer, ian bennett birmingham city goalkeeper, donald pleasance (actor), danny fowler the world snooker player, john parr the singer
  • A A Grundi who writes for the Worksop Guardian. Even though he's a made up character written by people who work at the Guardian, he drives around in a made up Bentley... and only exists in people's minds.
  • I think you'll find that Lee Westwood says near Sheffield because if you tell anyone Worksop, Nottinghamshire they reckon you live in Nottingham, hence any news on the BBC about him is on BBC East Midlands and not Look North which Worksop receives!
  • Spencer Racing, the leading motorbike racing team comes from Worksop. They're on Very funny site.
  • Graham Taylor, Geoff Capes, Lee Westwood
  • counsellor Makeman
  • George (Doc) Cox is also known as Ivor Biggun. He produces very entertaining songs of very bad taste, e.g. The W*nk**s Song. See
  • well Lee westwood lives in worksop and so does Jarvis Cockers mother
  • Find it typical that the only person on childrens tv ever to be sacked for taking drugs is a guy who went to Worksop College. We salute you Richard Bacon!
  • There is but one, Lee F-ing Westwood
  • All the members of Hidden Fear- they're guna big!!
  • Ex Rotten Borough MP Joe 'Sauna' Ashton is reckoned to have prostrate cancer, and seems to think that thousands of Worksopians have sent him cards. Probably hasn't bothered to read them or he'd realise they are 'Drop dead soon' ones. Thanks Joe for shagging the place for three decades...perhaps you got prostrate problems from overuse? Enlarged prostrate...silly bastard. Still, it would hardly be his brain....Hang on a minute. Maybe you DID get thousands of cards...All from Councillor Oxby, paid for by the Bassetlaw public.
  • Ian Bennett, Birmingham City 2nd choice keeper, think he lives in whitwell though
  • George 'Doc' Cox of thats life fame was not a resident of Worksop but of Clarborough near Retford. He attended Retford Grammer and at the age of fifteen used a reel to reel tape recorder to record his father in the loo first thing in the morning. He then kindly brought this to school for us all to listen to the grunts and moans of an early morning sh..
  • Jeremy Clarkson isn't from Worksop, the loud-mouthed wifebeating 'lad' is actually form Mexboro; as soon as they could his parents shipped the git out ot a public School; as soon as he could he left the Rotherham Advertiser and now lives near Aylesbury where he beats his current wife on a regular basis.
  • Jarvis Cocker's mum lives in Carlton-In-Lindrick.
  • This has to be Lee Westwood......he has put worksop on the map has n't he.............oh yeah and jeremy Clarkson used to live in Worksop....before he became rich and famous...who knows maybe he too used to race clapped out old bangers round the kwiksave supermarket carpark too.
  • Richard bacon went to worksop college, lee westwood,graeme taylor
  • He looks pretty 'normal' at first glance (mind this is Worksop; in fact he's quite a personable looking youth, well dressed, clean, nice haircut. You know he's following you down Ryton Street as you eat your fish and chips open; but so what? Then as you cross Watson Road by the dentists, this nutter suddenly barks in your ear, loud as you like, a perfect mimic of a stricken dog, then he runs off. Naturally the fish and chips are all over you/the pavement, at which the bastard nearly dies laughing. You've got a very specific skill friend, but Worksop people are an unappreciative audience at the best of times; perhaps this skill might be better understood in Rampton or somewhere. Carry on as youare and you'll have to develop a new skill in a class of its own: removing chip forks from your sphincter... Has anyone else come across this Worksop Wolfman?
  • Not Jarvis Cocker!!!! - he is from Intake in Sheffield! (and it comes to something when someone would rather admit to that, than say they were from Worksop!) Bruce Dickinson used to go train spotting at Worksop station. Good job that he doesn't do that anymore - he'd be waiting all day for a train now!
  • Regarding the youth who is perpetually begging round town for a 1 to visit his sick dad - he's back as of April '01. And what a return! Not for him nights spent in Whitegates, chatting to a therapist. No! A genius like him, puts hsitiem to good use, and while inside, he developed a whole raft of acting talent. Now he trollops around town on crutches, begging for 1 to visit his dad. He has also dveloped the skill of tears on demand, and if you still don't cough up, he runs to the nearest church (note crutches now discarded) and prays for the dleiverance of your miserable soul. Excellent. More, he now hangs aorund the Pizza Hut, rubbing his belly, and asking if the meal is to your liking. 'I wish I could have a meal like that' he says plaintively 'All I need is 1 f and I can get some chips'. Any fool handing it over, will hear it chink into his pocket alongside the others, and as usual, once he's got enough together, he dashes not the Chippy (which is closed anyway) but straight to the Unicorn, dead across the Pizza Hut. Naturally, he freshes up there nicely, comes out, pisses himself and falls over, usually filling his trousers. This is absolutely brilliant - thank you Whitegates for putting Worksop's top entertainer back on the streets and for developing his latent talents. Cheers! I think his next course should include soap eating to simulate fits... Oh by the way, can you spare 1 so I can visit my sick Dad....
  • Remember the 'Doc' felow from Esther Rantzen's 'That's Life'? Well he was supposed to come from Worksop, though I've never met anyone who knew him. He did however release a rather 'risque' LP under his own name which included a track with a none too complimentary poem about Worksop, so he must have known the town to some extent. The rest of the LP was given over to 'rude' Rugby -song style tunes including the dire 'My good-looking cucumber' which I gather was released as a single. Guess what it was about.... It didn't chuff the prim and proper Esther, who promptly sacked him from the show. When will Worksop be known for something positive?
  • lee westwood obviously. graham taylor. chris waddle is playing for the tigers. jarvis cocker's parents. worksop college rejects: richard 'blue peter cokehead' bacon, manumission sex guys, the guy who invented thomas the tank engine. pretty dismal.
  • That lunatic called 'Jesus Joe' You must know him - wanders round town with red trainers and black legging type shorts, giving the vague impression that he's some sort of ex-boxer down on his luck. This nutcae once appeared starkers in the Sun, tried to run a bodyguards agency, and wandered all over town beating everyone up in the eighties. Unfortunately he must have had soem bad steroids or something, because one day his body just collapsed into the saggy over-abused mess of blubber it is today. At this point all the people he'd beat up earier reciropcated the favour, and he now really is punch drunk, having sunk to the level of writing threatening/porny letters to any good looking girls who rebuff him (viz. all of them). Still its harmelss enough - gives most of them a laugh, and much preferable his earlier drug raddled antics, favoutite trick being to ram an empty coke tin down you throat. Sad bastard, do you really think wandering about with a bible under your arm is going to put right the harm you've done? Come to that, do you really think?
  • Chris Waddle!!
  • That bloke who strolls round town in a boiler suit, wearing three (yes!) hats one jammed on top of the other. Totally oblivious to anything. Long may he prosper. Also the bloke who wears a fez in 'The Manor Lodge' when doing the quiz on a Friday evening - you can take it off when you're not in the pub, mate.
  • Donald Pleasance is from Worksop, as was 'St.Elmo's fire' songster John Parr. Also the bloke who designed the great 1950's - 60's Bentleys and Rollers, I forget his name,(John Bletchley I think) but he always denied being from here anyway.
  • Eccentric (albeit stylish) author Nina Slingsby Smith, who wrote the suoerlative 'George' about her father. Some bloke, who's journalistic nom de plume is 'Grundi' who wries in the Worksop Guardian, and sometimes comes close to telling the truth - good try, editorially hidebound person. I might also add the sanctimonious editor of the Guardian who probaly lives in Lindrick or soemwhere and shops in Sheffield. Don't forgetlady Ann bentick - society figure and racehorse owner. 83 years old this time round, six foot one, ramrod straight and rides a white charger round the Welbeck Estate. Hair bleached white, foulmouthed, dignified, smokes incessantly, she's a brilliant Edwardian thowback to the time when the Dukes ruled. Stroll on, Lady Ann. Lastly why has no-one mentioned Golfer Lee Westwood, though I note he's starting to distance himself from Worksop, telling people that he's from 'Near Sheffield'.
  • Donald Pleasance That shouty bloke from Iron Maiden. Bruce somebody
  • john the hacker smith worst golfer at serlby for 125years
  • Lisa Bangert - that bird that always got her tits out on Page 3 of The Sun was supposed to be from Worksop...or so she said when I photographed her there, at the Worksop photographic Studio
  • Judy Hobson - Top radio one reporter and newsreader (also on the telly). Ben Verinder - Top Journalist, Novelist and fellwalker Roper, L. - Invented the Hoover Dam
  • Bruce Dickinson (from Iron Maiden)-his gran lives in worksop Pete's dad- a glamour model photographer
  • Dave Tingle - First man to swim the atlantic and inventor of shoes. Rude Girl - Page 3/Razzle celebrity, discovered by Pete's Dad.
  • The Mantonite with the symmetrical face
  • Kevin 'The Bear' Allen
  • The bloke who founde the Samaritans went to Worksop College
  • The old couple with the dog and banjo, mexicans from the fast show and the bloke who sells socks from an old women's shopping trolley.
  • The old couple with the dog and the banjo. Internationally acclaimed, and up for a Brit award next year.
  • jarvis cocker
  • richard bacon , willfy smith , jesus jones, the cowboy i saw in the millhouse once, mad frank
  • apparently the goal keeper from sheffield wednesday luives up gateford on the lady walk estate whether its true or not but hes got a personnalised jeep and its always there unless hes havin an affair?????
  • Richard bacon went to worksop college. So did that guy who owns Manumission in Ibiza and does the sex show evey night.
  • The guy from Def Leppard (one armed drummer) was born at Bassetlaw District Hospital!
  • Graham Talyor (apparently) Donald Pleasance (apparently) Robin Hood (honest)
  • John Parr - cringeworthy 80's rocker, whose hit included 'St.Elmo's Fire' from film of same name. Donald Pleasance - strange-looking actor who appears as the weirdo in most 70's horror films or crap B-movies.
  • Carl Shipman. John 'Fatbeast' if anyone remembers Carter USM. Lee Westwood.

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