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Skateboard Shops in Worthing, West Sussex*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Alleyoops don't bother had loads of hassle with a fully scooter read the comments further down page. Would buy on line next time
  • hobo has shut down, alleyoops is pretty much the only shop for decks, unless you wanna get the horrific boards from sports direct haha... (dont)
  • allyoops, hobo
  • Errr - Alleyoops on the seafront? A worthing rareity in worth-whileness.
  • just hobo and alleyoops like said. hobos good but not many decks etc. best for clothes / shoes. alleyoops best for decks and accessories but quite expensive. the guy is well alright in there, hes selling my video!! GIVEITANAME :)
  • HOBO is alright but if u want a good price for ur stuff go to ODDBALLS in brighton.
  • good place to go is alley-oops, the guy in their is the best, lets u off if ur 3 pound short and stuff. thats it.....
  • Alleyoops opposite the beach somewhere, and Hobo in Warwick Street
  • I belive Alleoops on the seafront is the only place. Otherwise go to Brighton or get a deal on t'internet.
  • there is a shop called hobo east of the guilborne centre on warwick street (i think) called hobo run by the same people as the jean store and they are just as friendly and helpful.
  • There's two - last I remember. One in Warrick street which is pretty cool, and one further out of town towards the swimming pool (along the same route to the first) - they are both really friendly.
  • alleypoops
  • Alleyoopsssssssssssss. Cant spell it sorry.
  • If you want to go somewhere not full of kids that think they're it and with an attitude, go to Area 51. OK, it does have it's fair share of rejects (me included obviously), but at least there's hardly ever any trouble, doormen are actually friendly and human (I know, hard to believe). There's none of the crappy attitude that you find in Rutherfords or Q-Club or some of the newer pubs around esp. The Assembly - it's arse****s only there I'm afraid!
  • board stupid- previously board mania supplies u the goods or else go2 brighton
  • the jeanstore - down the back of woolies near the sea front. Sorted owners - very pleasant & sell cool skateboarder clothes. or alleops - dunno bout the spelling there. along the sea front opposite Rutherfords nightclub on the pier.
  • Alleyoops sell everything you could possibly want, its opposite the pier.
  • Alleyoops!
  • Ally Oops, Woolies, Gamleys.
  • For clothes try Cactus Trail otherwise Alloyoops is pretty good and friendly.
  • Alleyoops is still on the Seafront, next to Steers.

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