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  • fishing rods sometimes inflict most pain, that's why I choose collgate magic white snale. I got a tattoo of Pete's face on my left arm last week, can guarantee. Anyway, best ookup' spot would probably be the alleyway near chequers, knock on number 15 and a midget answers, his name is Chills, burger king foot lettuce
  • Bryn estyn, ruthin Road, coedpeth Spooka harrington la dookie landed a treflip first try off his brothers golf la ben t said it was mental kid
  • My mum told me a good spot is back of maccies keed, can get some tramp to suck your willy for a fiver! proper good mate, I'd cover it twice tho, god knows how many others they've dispensed suckies too. Doesn't bother me ! I get my suckie and they get their spice
  • we used to skateboard on old mouldy baguettes whilst chinning a pack of sterling duals outside bargain booze, good times...
  • this is more about the illiterate retards who have left comments on here. learn to spell you bunch of thick twats
  • alleyways
  • Ive lived in queens park my whole life my parents brought me my brother & sister up with respect & manners, my family av always worked hard we always had a nice home & we were always clean & dressed smart, by the sounds of u who chose 2 put livin in queens park down sound like they need 2 learn sum manners u disgustin foul mouth spoilt little shit bags, no1 in life is perfect, & queenspark pisses me off nw & agen but dnt class us all with the same brush, ther r bad people rnd here as ther r everywer, but thers alot of gud people also, i say i treat people the way i wna be treated, by the sounds of half of the comments on here its no wonder people that live in queens park wrexham cnt stand u, puttin comments like that u deserve a gud clack across the head , spoilt lil shit bags if u dnt like it then u know wot 2 do fuck off!
  • Natalie kynnaston loving mother and friend
  • the knobhead talking about the football club an the kop being for chavs...the kop been closed prob since chavs cum into this world....its our football club and not dying..just taking a rest to revive itself...just carry on knocking the place u knoww so much about u must live u fckin weazel...lifes shit wherever u with it spunk monkey grow up and start believe in sumthing like ya mams dildo an electric nipple clamps..nobhead get grip!!!
  • On a filed like the daisy its dead gd on a stary night
  • Eagles Meadow is fab to have a cider and smoke a packet of fags after the shops have shut.
  • A great spot to hang out with your friends is the arcade in Tenpin Eagles Meadow. They have lots of games and things that you can have some fun with mates. There's also a restaurant cafe bar type thing where you can grab something to eat and sit down.
  • eagles meadow is the only place worth meeting with people because it actually has things to do
  • Any of the sticky-floored neightclubs on offer!
  • the old talbot pub
  • as for the knob that said the local mcdonolds is full of staff from Bryn Alyn community school, they are not as due to the physical and sexual abuse they experianced from the welsh staff that worked there they couldnt get out of the hell hole of wales.wrexham quick enough you insensitive knob.
  • We love to link up on the car park in Cefn Mawr and dreaming of the time when we can get into the pubs and clubs in town.
  • clubbing in wrexham as got 2 be the shitest place 2 go not mentioning all the wankers who stare at you when you dress better than them.all the girls are at competion wiv each other and no body likes anyone realy. every girl has or wants to shag your see the same faces every weekend same old nobbs fighting and kicking off. no ones happy here and they dont like anyone who is .
  • we always hang around and meet up on the ponciau
  • rebellion is the hottest thing around for goth's and moshers and wierdos in general above the yale wine bar across from ireland green.
  • crack pipes ahoy, sailors! get smacked up by maccy d's and find love with a kappa slappa for one night only.
  • always kids on the 'queenspark' park wouldnt go there tho u mite get to b victim of happy slapping. not joking.....
  • Acton park great drinking spot for the minors
  • Well well well, where can I start? Wrexham is the hole of North Wales, the ultimate chav capital of Cymru (yes, worse than Cardiff!) and the failure of many attempts to be named a 'city'. Our town boasts chavs of all ages, shapes and sizes, and a unique accent. It is a common version of the Northern Welsh accent, exclusive to Wrexham. It all starts with the nasal and short pronunciation of the letter 'a' and the disappearance of the letter 'g' off the end of most words. It's hard to describe, but only those who have heard it will really appreciate this exquisite intonation. Wrexham is a large town with many different areas, the town centre being the hot spot for all chavs. We boast a variety of different pound shops; Poundland, The Pound Shop, The 1 Shop - I'm sure you get the picture. Prime time is usually around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, and the main congregation spot being the Kop, situated at one end of the Racecourse (Wrexham's dying football ground). Chavs of all ages come here to watch our team play, united they are a giant chav congregation, representing a large chunk of our chav town. As the evening draws in, many dine out, a la carte, at our infamous MacDonalds. The females of the species gather around the feeding place and watch out for the males as they compete to find a mate. The males take to their cheap Vauxhalls, the lower the better, and loud dance music is a necessity, Scooter being a popular favourite choice. Females also see darkened windows and little LEDs as a good features in the dominant males. As gallons and gallons of petrol are wasted as the males go "lappin round Maccy D's", the females present themselves in short skirts, accompanied by a fine pair of fake brown rockports (available at our local market). These are usually accessorised by some large gold hoops and hair scraped back into a ponytail, topped off with a large plastic flower to complete the look. Some people are born into chav families, yet some achieve and evolve into chavness over time. This is probably helped by living in such an environment as Wrexham, where chav culture is the norm. They breed and roam freely around this town, where mass chav production takes place through inbreeding and underage 'shaggin' near all good local playgrounds. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Wrexham: the arsehole of Britain and utter embarassment of Wales."
  • we go on the skatepark in brynteg so if you whant a fight cum up di**heads
  • I think that the best place to hang out is defo town on a fri night get all the drunks wallets and all stuff like that when they drop it lol lol. OR acton park for a quick shag!
  • the car park in cefn, slappers gagging for it....ask for natalie kynaston...she will sort you out.
  • Ponciau Stand! (Ponciau) The Flood! (Johnstown/Rhos) The Wreck! (Penycae) The Green Bridge (Johnstown) The Rhos Line (Rhos)
  • I always used to get smashed down Ponciau Stand, constantly trying to get me leg over. It went shit so i emigrated down the flood(johnstown), now that's a pile of wank so I decided to go to the New Inn (Johnstown) the travelers (jtown) and trying to start going to town (attempting to be over 18)
  • I need to know if there is a Manor Residential Home on Green Street, Holt and the telephone number, my mums friend, who is 96 has just gone there. My mum never misses a week speaking to her. Thanks
  • Bellview park
  • Acton Park, outside the shops in Acton and garden Village, round the streets in Borras.
  • Wrexham is a s**t hole full of bag heads and kids with cars which have lawnmower engines and exhausts bigger than there wheels! Gresford is ok the 'Youth'tree arms is a laugh to pull some under age women
  • Plas Madoc , drugs , sex and alcohol all available for anyone who looks older than 12 ! Scally's are in heaven here , boys and girls up for anything . Bryn y Brain , Afonetha or Gardden Road are easy pick up areas . Boy racers in abundance ! Come and get them girls !!!!
  • The Venture is the place where 12 year old drug addicts go if they are concerned about being sexually assaulted in Acton Park. As a normal person, I go to other places. If I must be in Wrexham, I go to Bellevue Park.
  • johnstown is sort of a good place to live cos theres some nice lads steino tom smith chris prichard pual williams lee jones mark kenny david evans loads.and they all give a good shag.
  • People typically hang around on street corners in council estates, intimidating various drivers by screaming at them and brandishing fake guns and very sharp knives.
  • Unchained - the new hand out for all those 10 year olds out there, and new found 'true goths'. the perfect place for them all to stand around and look grown up in a proper 'night club'
  • acton park sucs big time the place 2 hany is the hill by the cop station. wen u walk throgh the subway by the groves look to your right!
  • People just hang around shops on corners in rough areas intimidating anyone who walks past. Why else does the "Late" Shop have to close early?
  • Bellevue park its the only place where you can have a laugh and life ya youth, untill the bowlers come along and ruin it but the next day ya back to the normal stuff playin ball, skatin and just chillin and avin a drink. In the summer its an ace place not too far from town and plenty ov things to keep our little minds occupated!!!
  • the benches outside the squire york, perfect spot to find the scallys puffin
  • liquid,envy
  • 44 Argoed Brymbo
  • All the new bus stops put up by the council are great esp when its raining! thanx
  • Now the Kids of WREXHAM Need desperatly a place to hang out. We think it's time the concil and Authorities did something about this.A new park,Centre?(have a public vote with Kids opinions too!)And I agree there ain't much places to go in this town.The Authorities make our mums+dads pay taxs just to dig up a round about that they've done at least 4 times! WHY? Couldn't that money b useful for making Wrexham A BETTER place??? It hasn't got a good Rep and WE THINK THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! Ye Wrexham has good days But, the only time QP's been on the telly is for a raid from being racis! The camers crews may of filmed the places were it looked decient But, What about our WhiteGate Park and other places? Covered in Glass bottels smashed everywhere Rubbish It ain't on. There is probebly more drug addicts in the whole of Wrexham than in the rest of the world!(and crimanals)+ all the boy racers around our town a little boy got run over by our bus st. in Regent street yeserday cuz of a boyracer it has to stop! I'm only 14 years old and if my friends, family,there friends,family ect... feel the same way doesn't that tell you something. If no one has stood out and said what they really feel then that has changed today! DO SOMETHING ABOT IT!!!! and make Wrexham the town it deserves to be!
  • Rhos is always a good place 2 find older people 2 go in and get really cheap cider 4 ya, then u go down 2 the stand on the ponciau and get really pissed and shag in the bushes.
  • 14 year old girls lookin for boy racers by maccy d's and king street. sad.
  • marford quarry, marford park, rossett subway, llay adventure park, steps by llay school were the places i used to drink cider
  • tha venture park in llay, tha woodland steps an tha footie changing rooms in llay
  • Macdonalds!
  • rossett park, marford quarry, llay adventure park were always good for drinkin cider on a friday night
  • the bandstand or the college common rooms (thats full of us common ones)
  • There is "The Bench" near St Joeys school that has long been a hook up spot however the majority has now been stolen leaving only the reinforced concrete supports remaing. The streets are taken over by scallies at night because of a lack of any enterainment to be found. Idle hands find things to do like joyriding, vandalism and arson.
  • Bench outside M&S
  • The library field no doubt
  • I would like to thank Wrexham council for providing an excellent kinder/beer garden facilities in the new bandstand in Bellevue park, it's a superb hang out for all the half-wit knobs to harass all the quarter-wit knobs who let their four legged friends s**t from ar**hole to breakfast time. Well done WMBC
  • benches outside miliners
  • Bank opposite McD's. THe place to be seen if you are any unself-respecting 13yr old Kappa Slappa: Tidy-la. Fancy a shag in me Nova? Gorra Kenwood Stereo? Smart.
  • THE FLOOD IN JOHNSTOWN - Its full of jippo's but the pigs never come there! and even if they do come - theres loads of ways to run ! there is also a park so you can play on the swings when u get really pissed ! or you could just chuck the jipo's in the water !
  • I cannot believe some of the rubbish people have put on this site. I have lived in the village of Tanyfron for 10 years and although it is not the biggest village in the area we have enjoyed living here and do not agree with the description people have put on this sight.
  • in '99 top Johnstown spar was main hook up spot lads & girls of all ages wuld meet there then go "down to the hafod" where fires would be lit, cider would be drunk and foreign tobacco would be inhaled.
  • Sooty's shop, Brymbo - Strategically called "Sooty's" because it attracts kids like flies around s*it that annoy everyone by acting like they're hard when if they're on their own run crying to their mums. Another place is the scrappy path where kids go to get drunk before trudging their way to the clinic to smash it to pieces for no reason.
  • Tan-Y-Fron there are none, so they go and plague other villages and let the kids of that village take the blame.
  • The playground, Lodge - the only place there.
  • Just about any part bench the jips in Wrexham can get on.
  • the reck in penycae is full of geeky little children who think they are being well hard with their litre bottles of cheap cider.
  • The station car park/shelters are where most of the kids hang about and the boy racers take off from here,local cider'n'fags spot, but the police are about a lot more lately, so i suppose they'll probably move on down to the prom.(another hangabout)
  • Stoners slump on the bandstand on the library fields
  • i used to hang about at Acton and Borras shops, im a nutter so that was fun, wonder if anyone remembers me the name's "Harper" :P if u do contact me!
  • Down the aggy{moss valley}many a fun night had down there with a bucket and a gal!!!!!
  • Outside Phase One is good. You can wait and listen to music at the same time, GREAT!!!
  • Acton Park and Borras shops great place for people still in school to get blind drunk, fight and shag! Best part is if the pigs come they just move u from one to the other. They do sod all.
  • outside sooty's brymbo or if its raining inside sooty's
  • "The Tip" in Queens Park, where if you 're lucky you will experience the joys of burning out cars. Or Moss Valley, where you can sink them for a change.
  • Acton Park when, I think, teenagers weren't quite so scary in large groups. That was about 12 years ago.
  • Skateboarders check out the fresh new square near the bandstand and Iceland, Tandy etc. From about 12 at weekends and after 6 on week nights. Look for us and we'll be around, somewhere.
  • Llwyn Isaf bandstand, where all the grooooooooovy people go.
  • drive around macdonalds-in their twaty boy racer cars

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