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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • rob savage he needs a gd slap and a chop wiv my 19inch blade
  • Robby savage I think he used to live in bradley me uncle knew him
  • i think annie lennox lived here once in the 70s or 80s very briefly. Dont quote me. Duffy comes from a place not too far as well
  • Bungle from rainbow living in Y Wern, Zippy lives in Smithfield, caia park, george is shacked up in Rhosduu.
  • tim "blue peter" vincent didnt like it when we flipped him the bird haha poncey cunt.
  • ricky tomlinson - say no more!
  • Bryn Law from Ruabon ( Sky Sports News Presenter ) and a huge Wrexham Fc fan. Mark Hughes from Ruabon(football legend). Tracy Williams from Cefn Mawr (famous Porn Star)not that I have seen any of her blue movies Honest!
  • Ricky thomlinson from the royal family frew up round the wrexham area and has been seen there many times
  • the big issue man was on a bbc advert
  • Andy K Klass, he is a god. Let me show ya, let me show ya love. and move your body to the rhythym.
  • Griffo "Paul Griffiths" a Radio Presenter from Coedpoeth. Used to be at MFM/Marcher for years. Since worked at Viking FM (Hull) and currently presenting the morning show at Radio Aire in Leeds. A local legend!
  • The Sissons family are from Rhuallt rather than Wrexhxam, though Peter Sissons' brother was a consultant at th Maelor hospital, retired a few years ago.
  • visits from blue, robbie savage, fhm lasses, girls aloud, peter andre and jordan, but you'll only find these in liquid
  • Mark Hughes (ex Man Utd Player) use to live on Goulbourne estate in Borras in the 80's lovely fella...often see him buying his fish supper from Borras Chippy!!
  • Jennifer Ellison lives in Marford (wish I lived next door!!) Paul Scholes (Man United) used to live at Marford Hill Joey Jones lives in Wrexham Roger Moore (i am told????) lived in Llandegla Dennis Taylor lives in Gresford
  • tim vincent robbie savage michael owen paul burrell ricky tomlinson dave charlie
  • Ricky Tomlinson married a Wrexham girl. Tim Vincent is from Rossett.
  • Elihu Yale was from Wrexham, and he founded Yale University in the USA. Richard Nixon was a decendent of a family from Wrexham, and I suspect I might be a distant relative of him. Shame about Watergate!
  • Famous Paul, you gotta love that style man
  • That man from Blue Peter, Ricky Tomlinson, Elihu Yale and some other people, I think. Richard Nixon is of Hafod-Y-Wern ancestry. If what I have been told is true, there was probably more than Watergate.
  • Ricky Tomlison from Rhosddu!
  • Tim Vincent
  • The former Blue Peter presenter Tim Vincent, Peter Sissons and Ricky Tomlinson. Sissons used to live near my mother and Tomlinson knew my grandfather.
  • Don Humphreys, a legend, what a man.
  • Tim Vincent and Robbie Savage. Strangely Robbie Savage is actually alright, if a bit of a ponce. Ricky Tomlinson can sometimes be spotted swaggering around as if he owns the fucking place, and the heinously ugly Dean Gaffney can sometimes be spotted trying his luck with the jailbait, though even THEY fuck him off.
  • The newsreader Peter Sissons supposedly used to live near my grandparents old house.
  • Andy Scott,guitarist with 70's glam rock giants The Sweet was born and raised in Wrexham
  • Tim Vincent, i met him once he's so arrogant!!!!!!!!! and that ricky blokenearly knocked mme ot with a plank off wood (No i'm not lying b4 u say it)
  • ricky tomlinson,mark hughes,gary speed
  • I think a famous footballer once lived on Marford Hill?!
  • Emma of brymbo like halifax always ready to take a deposit
  • I think our very own Lee Jones is worth a mention, he has played for Liverpool and Barnsley - and is doing very well back in Wrexham F. C. Welcome back Lee!!!
  • Tim Vincent LOL
  • 'Big June', or 'HE-SHE' ex bouncer, now post-op transexual. Touched me up in the Elephant and Castle on a number of occassions!!
  • Rosemarie Frankland Born 1943 in Rhosllanercgrugog Wrexham Wales Famous For: The Britain's first winner of the Miss World title which she won in 1961. Rosemarie's vital statistics Titles: Miss World, Miss Wales, Miss Universe Height: 5ft 6in Weight: 8st 12lb, Stats: 36-22-36
  • Big Headed Robbie Savage. Saw Ricky Tomlinson in town the other day. The lovely (NOT!) Tim Vincent.
  • did you know russ abbott used to live in rossett
  • Mark Hughes lived in Llay 4 a cuple of years, Robbie Savage lived in Bradley an Ricky Tomlinson used 2 live in Coedpoeth
  • The guitarist out of Coldplay is from Mold i think but that's quite shit
  • Ian Edwards Ex Wxm footballer now a milk man living in the Cymu!
  • It has to be Squinty Hendre Tywyn Glendower Jones. He was the bloke that sat outside the Kwikee looking at the traffic lights change because there was nothing better else to do in Wrecsam. Incidentally, Ricky Tomlinson is a Scouser; born and bred.
  • Betty the tramp (god rest her soul)
  • Ray Maland the Actor used to live in Court Road and Maredith Edwards actor came from Rhos
  • K-Klass, remixed songs from bands like The Corrs
  • hmmmm NONE well Ricky Tomlinson has family here apparently and i know a lad who is adamant that he is Kylie Minogues 3rd cousin...arent we all tho?!
  • Andy Gillon - Famous club and street dancer of the 1980's; now portrait artist to celebrities including David Copperfield and Uri Geller.
  • russ abbot
  • Mark Hughes is from Ruabon Tim Vincent is from Overton Robbie Savage is from Gwersyllt Ricky Tomlinson is from Coedpoeth
  • Bronwen Greenaway - always stood up for the people of Brymbo, the most dedicated councillor Wrexham has ever had.
  • George Edwards, the all time great "Uncle Gepetto" and also good old "Santa" 3 CHEERS FOR GEORGE!!!!!!!!
  • Mark Jones (ex Man UTD player) comes from Ruabon, but Man Utd suck, and there about as arrogant as Wrexham Residents)
  • Danny Davies(plays bit parts in post office ads)
  • errr one of my teachers lives in acton?
  • Got to be HOPPY!!!!!He was the best,,,hopping round the bus stands,,loved the bloke!
  • The councillors who are determined to suffocate us all with their already out-of -date INCINERATOR! You will NOT be voted for again!!!
  • Dj aj, is the best mixer in town. Apart from that local knowitall Alun Hughes is a local hero taking Rabbit Records into Phase one Records. And off course the Big Issue bloke, GREAT STUFF
  • michell Owen (near enough) he lives in Harden in Wales! why does he play for england?
  • Richard Nixon,an ex-president of the USA is almost a Queens Park lad. Apparently his ancestors lived at the old Hafod Y Wern mansion - flattened years ago.
  • Him off THe Royal Family-The Dad
  • beryl bin knocker (always good for a laugh)
  • Andy Moore - Swansea Rugby Club & Wales International (when he can get into the squad!!!) Jonah Lomu's trainer (that is, the chap who trained him, not one half of his footwear!)
  • Judith Davies - Singer/Actress. Doing very well in Spain/Latin America
  • Andy Scott from coedpoeth was in the ledgendary band The sweet. The drummer from james(dont know his name) live in Brymbo.
  • the guy that play dad royle in the royle family lives in coedpoeth...
  • Robbie Savage, the blonde haired wonder(?) who plays for Leicester Andy Crane, ex CBBC presenter worked on Marcher Sound (local radio station) The notorious Judge Jefferies (AKA The hanging judge)
  • David Bower - actor (Four Weddings and a Funeral)
  • Roy Norry, ILR/BBC d.j. Marcher Gold, Coast f.m., Radio City, Radio Merseyside and Radio Clwyd. Now lives in Coedpoeth, Wrexham.
  • K Klass, if they count.
  • The bloke who founded Yale college in America.
  • Another famous person from Wrexham (aka Rectum) is Tim Vincent of Blue Peter fame...
  • Mark Hughes (Chelsea FC) - well, that's Ruabon, really, but close enough!
  • Peter Sissons

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