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Cheap Food
  • BISTRO IMAGINA 45 chester street wrexham snacks served all day, special evening menu's eg latte, capouccino £1.60
  • Macdonalds kfc places like that wrexham kebab house is nice.note chicken cottage is rank tbh it made me mate sick for a week glad I never had nout
  • maccies, kfc , bugerking by tesco ,, yah local chippy haa
  • Try Lucky House in Rhosddu for some great Chinese food ,and it's fairly priced. Eddie's Chippy on Pen-y-Bryn serves the best chips in town I think.
  • gotta be the lovleyy maccys!
  • Crazy about Pizza. Very good value. Very cheesey though (pun intended - although the pizzas really are)
  • Loads of good Indian restaurants also do takeaway ; Aniise, Jamuna etc
  • The most clean place, with a lot of choice is probably 'La Baguette', which to most Wrexhamians, is almost impossible to pronounce. Beautiful food, and if you are a student you get 10% discount I believe. Food which will not add more fat to the ever shrinking brain.
  • cant beat F jones chippy opp KFC for fish an chips takeaway yum yum
  • eating out is wrexham is pretty lame, the corn mill in llangollen is nice tit sits on the river, and is nice for a special occasion. Guans takeaway in penycae do a great chinese takeaway-massive portions. otherwise chester...again
  • The Ebeneezer in Cefn Mawr which opened this summer and is an awesome place to go to and look at sells some really cheap food, good quality as well. Also sells great beer, ask for the welsh beer when you go ,it`s in a bottle and is made in Conwy and is beautiful.
  • Maccys. is there any other food in wrexham? oh, except bugger king.
  • one word lloyds. the best sweet waffles and butterscotch sauce-ever!!! and its not even that much of a student heaven- dont attempt 2 go thru the doors on a thurs nite tho, will b then.......
  • lemon tree italian..not bad price for okay scran
  • The Bowling Green for a great steak, a drink, a game of pool and change from a fiver. Jones the chippie - cheapest and best in the whole of Wrexham
  • Yates for cheap, the Lemon Tree is lovely for something a bit more expensive
  • Bamboo Takeaway in Rhos! Nicest cheeseburgers ever! That Chineese in Rhos is in a bit of trouble I think, so go there it's F--kin gorgeous and cheap as chips.
  • the 'mad turks' (aka Central kebab) does a great donner kebab.
  • I like the Caspian kebab house in Chester. I'm not sure if the man there saying "He's just come back from the mad house" about an elderly Greek man was a joke or true!
  • We have McDonalds, Burger King etc. I always eat out in Chester or Manchester. I like the cafe inside URBIS in Manchester for lunch. Try the smokd salmon smorgasboards there.
  • pizza place
  • The Borras Chippy serves just about edible food, which is a rarity in Wrexham.
  • central kebabs, they save my life after work!!!
  • Wrexham is not big on food, unless you like kebabs, pizza and chips. When eating out, my rule is the further away, the better.
  • .. not known for its culinary delicacies beyond 1970's pie and chips , Wrexham has at long last finally got somewhere decent to eat , where they actually serve HEALTHY stuff like SALAD ( shock ) and serve DISHES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES ( horror ). It's a lovely place called ZOUK and its on the high street. Close your eyes for a minute and you could almost be somewhere half civilised like chester.....
  • one2five does the nicest meals in the daytime and there not too expensive either, the toasted baguettes are the nicest!!!!
  • maccy d's
  • Borras Chippie, best chips in the whole of Wrexham!
  • Borras Chippie, best chips in the whole of Wrexham!
  • Just McDonalds and Burger King there are quite a few Indian and Chineese Resterants though.
  • Maccy D's, Burger King, KFC and savours
  • jone's chippy on st. georges cresent rules as does borras fish bar. you can't beat wrexham pizza and kebab or the kebab shop opposite 1 to 5 either.
  • mcdonalds an burga king has becum much betta over da years
  • Got to be Cental Pizza or maybe he Indian by Scotts
  • KFC!
  • All suck! Expensive give small portions
  • the Jamuna which is by the NAgs Head in Wrexham is the best Indian Take Away in Wrexham and the Hong Kong House in New Broughton is world famous...honestly!
  • HOME BARGINS!!! Pot noodles for 29p and get some hot water from Yale College vending machines for 2p you're laughing for a cheap meal even if the container does taste better than the noodles...
  • MacDonalds (Hey I work there :) )
  • Graffiti's = molto bello
  • If you can tell me of anywhere to eat out in Wrexham, let me know, cause I'd like to sometime
  • Gerrads pork and apple roll mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Lovely.
  • Toxic, repulse, vile, synthetic... pick one they all apply
  • McDonalds - the nicest food place in Wrexham. The staff are all ex-Bryn Alyn pupils.
  • Macidees laaaaa
  • mcdonalds, yum!!
  • Again, too many to list.
  • Brambles' spuds are to die for
  • 1-5 during the day- cheese and bacon bagguet Bonkers Graffiti absolutely gorgeous
  • Baggys' chippy, Prince Charles Road, Queens Park. The speciality is yummy. Just ask for "Billy"
  • The Moors Inn, Bwlchgwyn does a mean mixed grill.
  • Tyn-y-capel Minera, great food great beer.
  • McDonalds - for the boy racers
  • sayers on the corner of queen street do a lovely cornish pastie
  • Sadly Cyberia (where I was hooked on the Internet) no longer exists.
  • Cyberia cafe - cheap and cheerful toasties plus chocolate fudge cake to die for on those PMT days when nothing else will do.
  • Marubbis Cafe
  • Lunch at Bumbles Coffee Shop on Charles Street Evening meal Llwyn Onn Hall good value posh-ish place 1 mile out of town

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