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LAN Parties, Tournaments, LAN Game Cafes, WiFi Meets, PSP/DS Meets
  • BISTRO IMAGINA chester street, offers free wifi. Enjoy a coffe,tea, or a glass of wine or beer Breakfasts and snacks are available all day FRIDAY 25th january... enjoy a taste of italy.. 6 course meal with a complimentary glass of wine and liqueur just £20 per person tables are booking quickly so please phone 01978 358584
  • Why ya askin me this
  • Nice little internet cafe just behind TKMaxx where they repair computers, though coffee supplies can be erratic.
  • Far too complex an affair for Wrexham.
  • There is an internet cafe by Somerfield in Cefn Mawr, just before the turning for Cefn Druids.
  • not one to five anyway
  • seriously dont think there is any is there?? the library??
  • nower i know of does partys off to chester again

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