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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • dave roberts aka weetbix -weto a rhostylen redneck bully .thief .police informer +(fact)speed freak dealer. rob his mum if he coould
  • jack mcknight fingering 12 year olds
  • A lot of Wrexham's residents are nice people, but these are overwhelmed by the swathes and swathes of unsupervised kids, corsa-driving smackheads, teenage mothers, pedophiles (some in the education system, don't send your kids to school in Wrexham!), loudmouthed yobs, lazy dole-scrounging guttersnipes and many more. The two most popular shops are McDonald's and Primark, it is a surprise Waterstone's hasn't closed down yet, seeing as not many of Wrexham's population read, or are even literate. The town is shabby all around, old buildings that need licks of paint. The market's are ok, but nothing fancy to say the least, the nightlife is poor, if you're a guy, you're only options are 13 year-olds or orange-faced baboons the size of fire engines. If you're a girl, you only have to open your legs and you'll have your own council house and ugly baboon twins before you know it. The older population often are found drinking earlier, around 7 or 8, so don't be surprised if you are off for a night out seeing a film or bowling with friends, to be lambasted by 40-50 year old women hooting like chimpanzees, or the old men that follow them around. Eagle's Meadow, the new "shopping centre" of Wrexham really isn't anything spectacular, it's by far the ugliest shopping centre I've seen and the shops mainly consist of food (with only Debenham's and M&S feeding anyone other than hipsters hungry for over-priced coffee and the more boulder-like humans). The Odeon is actually OK, if you're in secondary school waiting to get into someone's knickers on the back row, forcing other movie-goers to hear the occasional revolting squelch and moan. The bowling alley arcade is completely overpriced, you'd have to spend at least £10 to have enough tickets to buy a mini packet of Haribo. Erdigg Park is also nothing to look at, just a small river and pockets of trees, lined with the rusty, used needles of junkies and filled condoms. If there is ANYTHING to say about Wrexham, it's that it's a hole. Don't come here folks, run, run far away.
  • There's only one ting wrong with wrexham, That's chavs, they're horrible to others they think they are god's gift, they wreck the place (graffiti, litter, chewing gum), their language is appalling. But all the rest of wrexham is really nice, the normal people, the goths, the gay, etc... they're the loveliest people on earth. chavs wreck wrexham, wrexham isnt a bad place.
  • MMe the biggest baghead around sitting in doorways since day 1 'You got any spair change'?
  • A ski slope or a movie studio like hollywood coz celebritys need to cme here to wrexham
  • Wrexham is not the same without the hippodrome. Eagles Meadow is practically the only thing in wrexham. Even the town center looks empty now from where all the shops have moved.
  • special about the place, so i Idont don'tunderstand this whole over the top pride the locals have for the place, delusional or what. That hospital too? Like a prison, whats what'swith the lack of windows? Staff in there are on happy pills that dont don'twork and turn em phsyico I hope i Inever have to step foot there ever again! Not very welcoming with outsiders anyways, so il I'llbare that in mind!
  • natalie jones best blow job in town sis of lee jones
  • Google frankiegoestohollywood footy ensure you leave space before typing footy or link wont work. Loads of free stuff on there like live football streaming, every premiership game live, even 3pm matches, thousands of free tv channels to watch, thousands of top games free to play, great video sites, radio stations and ebay misspelled search engines where you are guaranteed to save half the amount if you would have gone straight to ebay loads of sexy videos to watch and currently has super bluetooth which is awesome. The site is changed daily so keep coming back for more new stuff changed daily.
  • i want an ice rink in wrexham
  • wrexham is called racist, remote and a load of other stuff if you hate it so much why dont you justleave? were not holding you here,we dont need you the doors wide open.
  • the little scally bastards by kwick save in borras get a life. funny tho they never seem to be there when its raining or cold, real hard!!!
  • lanni manbeast
  • Wrexhams a strange place... people with welsh accents claiming their scousers or something?!
  • Gammon
  • Rhosnesni High School is notorious for a reason. Hopefully, I will give it a national reputation of infamy.
  • There is a good aquatics shop outside town called Waterways. It has quite a lot of tropical freshwater and marine fish plus pondfish as well.
  • When will Wrexham Council get the money to build us the promised theatre, bowling alley, new cinema, shopping centre, ice rink and ski slope?! WHEN! Demolish and rebuild Darland school too
  • When will Wrexham Council get the money to build us the promised theatre, bowling alley, new cinema, shopping centre, ice rink and ski slope?! WHEN! Demolish and rebuild Darland school too
  • dont diss wrexham it is a quality place an im proud 2 say im from ere
  • The schools are shit, college is sub-standard and the university is a joke. No real good record shops, no good live venues. We just have to make do with the pubs we frequent cos the alternative is suicide. City Status? Fuck Off!
  • The Firemen in Wrexham Fire Station are a really sexy bunch of guys, especially Retro Retro Man, and Duck Knuppel. Watch out for the Porthmadog Pig though, he`s a mad fat man!!!!!
  • Sports Connection gym is cool! but overall Wrexham is a hole and i cant wait to move next year, im off to Spain!! Yippeeeee
  • Gwersyllt! Wheres the bit on Gwersyllt?? M y luuuuuuuuuuvly engine sniffing place, affectionatly known as the wench bench, just on the llay road by the toyota garage. I must spens 30 hours a week sitting on the one slat of wood thats left with me m8s! Oh the joy of doin nothing, just boy spotting!
  • Radio & TV Bad: TV reception poor, no easy Channel 5 in town, only one radiostation (MFM) which only plays 90s and recent hits, Classic Gold Marcher on AM band when should be on FM (music much better) Virgin has poor reception and as stated earlier, No CATV system in town. Radio & TV Good: Classic Gold plays good music, plenty of outside stations which are better eg: Heart FM or Magic 1548, Can get Sky Digital easily enough (although more hastle than cable) Love Becky and Dave on MFM in the morning. Wrexham has DAB covered
  • Soon Wrexham will be filled with asylum seekers who are going to suck us dry like locust then piss off to some other country. When these people arive they will have every benifit going and do bugger all to earn it and Wrexham council will help there lifestyle and no doubt this will be anoteher excuse not to build the Incinerator and Bus Stand.
  • holy badger
  • come to wrexham its full of drug addicts
  • If you find yourself in Wrexham, you know you've hit the bottom of the heap as far a shit places go. Use the motivation to 'get out of here' as your goal to succeed... Either that or die laughing.
  • Tan-Y-From is a big dump GET OUT OF THERE NOW!
  • wrexham is a big place which has recently seen some new alterations, but i absolutely hate living here. rhos and other neighbouring villages are dumps, theres nothing going for us kids. no ones willing to give you a saturday job and the people are two faced back stabbers! the council estates are full of criminals and junkies and stray dogs lurk on every street corner.
  • Please visit Tywyn,then you'll know not to visit it again. But seriously though,an apathetic town set in an astoundingly beautiful area.
  • The council that seem to have a fetish for roundabouts, traffic lights and speed ramps
  • Cycleways!!! - Wrexham Council has now decided to place cycleways around the town. The only trouble is, they seem to be an effort to narrow the road so it is unsafe for cars and and bicycles. The cycleways generally lead into town only and not out and the most crazy thing is the way they stop start, you join a path and after 50 yards you have to get off it because the road was too narrow at that point for them to justify it, the path starts again further on, usually with a strange dangerous kerb type object protruding fromt he road which cars and bikes are liable to bump into!! The council really don;t have a clue and just waste mony for the sake using their budget. As a resident in one of the better areas I could quite happily point out several requirements other than a cycleway - the bike will only get stolen in Wrexham anyway!
  • The swimming baths were the first building in Europe to be built in that shape(has to be seen to be believed)
  • Wrexham Lager was the first draught beer to be served on board ocean liners.
  • Wrexham is really looking up. Some of the worse areas of the town are receiving a face lift; a new extension to the ring road is being added and a huge new shopping centre, Island Green, is being built.
  • Wrexham is a hole in the arse of boredom. It is full of crap and crap people. On the objective can leave...(hooray)
  • Beastie market (outdoors) Monday
  • Indoor markets open five days
  • Early closing Wednesdays

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