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lost by dave (Member 10042978) on 1-Sep-2001
if anyone knows a girl by the name of rachel hart 17 years old from wrexham, please tell me.   
  • Re: lost by Shaz (Member 10011365) on 1-Sep-2001
    Wot part of Wrexham? Wot school did she go to?

  • Re: lost by Shaz (Member 10011365) on 28-Mar-2002
    Try tracing her thru: www.friendsreunited.co.uk
    Someone might know her.

    Does she have any sisters?

Coedpoeth / Erddig Hall by Helen Bradley (Member 10039772) on 3-Aug-2001
Hi, I am currently tracing my family ancestry and stumbled across a reference to a quilt made by women in Coedpoeth during the first world war. This apparently has virtually all the families living in Coedpoeth at the time listed on it. Does anyone know where I can get more information on this? Thanks a lot Helen.   
DO YOU KNOW YOU WERE ADOPTED by june robbins (Member 10027998) on 26-Jul-2001
Were you born on January 2nd 1967,at ST ASAPHS,NORTH WALES.You are male.I am your birth mother I would dearly love to hear from you. June nee Jones   
Grove Park Girls School, 1964 - 1981 by Ruth Oakley (Member 10038361) on 22-Jul-2001
Any one out there who was there between these dates???? I remember..... Elaine Powell, Jacquie Roberts, Gaynor Myers, Gwenan Evans to name a few.
(All maiden names, of course.) I was Ruth Hannah back in those days.

Now living in Australia, but returning for a few weeks in Dec/Jan, would be good to catch up with a fewe long lost pals!!
  • Re: Grove Park Girls School, 1964 - 1981 by Karen (Member 10091246) on 4-Mar-2003
    Hi, I went to Grove Park during that time. Karen Goodfellow

Williams family Brynteg/Bwlchgwyn? by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 18-Jul-2001
I am trying to find Herb or Herbie Williams,if his name isn't Williams his mothers name was Williams'he is a nephew of my Ggrandmother who was born in Brynteg,i think he had a sister Everon,who i beleive passed away,the place Bwlchgwyn has also been mentioned,please excuse my spelling as i am not very well up on welsh names or places,but try my best.i know this is a long shot as there are millions... more >>   
  • Re: Williams family Brynteg/Bwlchgwyn? by adrian elfed williams (Member 10046168) on 4-Oct-2001
    I think the Herbie you are looking for lives in the old peoples houses, not sure which number but the address is Ffynnon Nephal, Ruthin Road, Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham. He has a son Gary who lives at Uplands, Brymbo Road, Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham. There are only four houses in uplands and I think Gary lives in no 4. Hope this helps.

WELCOME SIGNS by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 17-Jul-2001
Right you lot out there!Who can help me?My husband has set me a task to find a welcome sign for our home,we are both born English but he has a lot of Irish blood and i have a lot of Welsh, of which we are both very proud,we already have an English welcome and an irish one,so can any of you help to come up with a good one?Thanks Karen.
P.S.No funny business you lot, i know what your like ... more >>
  • Re: WELCOME SIGNS by Sean (Member 10006944) on 4-Sep-2001

Yale Choir by Michelle (Member 10035675) on 13-Jul-2001
Whilst I was on holiday last week in North wales, I visited Wrexham on 4.7.01 which coincided with a visit and parade by the Yale Choir. I found out they were visiting the grave (all 400 of them!)of their founder who was born in Wrexham. I enjoyed their singing and was curious to know how they did in the Eisteddfod at Llangollen. I cannot find any mention of them howver on the results page on t... more >>   
Yale 1964 leavers by Peter Savage (Member 10028207) on 4-Jul-2001
Is there anybody out there who went to Yale Grammar school in Wrexham right from the beginning and who left in 1964? If yes, do any of you fancy meeting up some time next year (old school boys/girls)? I'd love to hear from any of you who may read this (especially our "unbeaten" rugby team).

Paul Thomas: If you read this please contact me.

Peter Savage
where am I Wrexham or Flint? by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 4-Jul-2001
Iam currently tracing my family history and it has led me to Wales, My great,great grandparents came from a place called Brynteg,Broughton, Where is this, is it Wrexham, Flint or some other place? it is confusing! any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Karen   
  • Re: where am I Wrexham or Flint? by wrexhamafc (Member 10030309) on 4-Jul-2001
    Hi karen,

    You're definitely Wrexham, but, by the sound of it, somewhere between Brynteg and PENTRE broughton, both villages that have rather blurred boundaries on the hills over the main town.

    My fathers side of the family are also from Brynteg.

  • Re: where am I Wrexham or Flint? by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 4-Jul-2001
    Hi wrexhamafc,Thanks a lot, the name Pentre Broughton has cropped up before so i now know i am in Wrexham, interesting to know you have family from Brynteg as i believe it is only a small village,my family were named Williams{of which there are hundreds in the area}and they lived in Edwards road,i dont know if the road exists anymore, i couldnt find it on the 1881 census but i know it was there in... more >>

  • Re: where am I Wrexham or Flint? by Peter Savage (Member 10028207) on 4-Jul-2001
    You're definitely in Wrexham (Clwyd, i.e. Denbighshire). Brynteg, Broughton and Pentre Broughton are all small "villages" which don't appear to have any boundaries. I used to live in the Moss a small village just below Broughton/Pentre Broughton. Brynteg is about 3-4 miles from Wrexham town centre in the rough direction of Brymbo.
    Hope this helps.

  • Re: where am I Wrexham or Flint? by karen confrey (Member 10037032) on 5-Jul-2001
    Thanks for your help,i am wiser now than i was before. Thanks a lot.

LEEDS UNITED SUPPORTERS CLUB. by fob (Member 10028300) on 25-Jun-2001
The Leeds United Supporters Club are now taking memberships for next season. We arrange tranport and tickets to every Leeds game with coaches picking up at Wrexham. Either e-mail me at colin@barmbar.co.uk or pop in at the Barm Bar, Town Hill, Wrexham and ask for Colin.   
  • Re: LEEDS UNITED SUPPORTERS CLUB. by louise (Member 10105057) on 27-Mar-2004
    time to give it up now Colin there getting worse....best you support a real team like ARSENAL.take care.......Louise & Bryn x x x

  • Re: LEEDS UNITED SUPPORTERS CLUB. by dave sanderson (Member 10123579) on 20-Jul-2004
    It could be worse,he could be A grimsby Town fan.
    Anyway Didn;'t Wrexham beat ARSENAL a few years back in the FA cup?

Chat Room by Harper (Member 10020408) on 24-Jun-2001
New live chat for Wales http://www.crosswinds.net/~harperville/chat.html   
  • Re: Chat Room by Oscar (Member 10030072) on 3-Jul-2001
    How do you get into chat room?

  • Re: Chat Room by Louise Lucas (Member 10034966) on 13-Jul-2001
    another great chat room to try,www.tower.com.its all happining there.ok

janet price by michael clyne (Member 10036044) on 22-Jun-2001
trying to find janet we dated for a while in the seventies, met at pontins
any help appreciated
janet price by michael clyne (Member 10036044) on 22-Jun-2001
anyone know this girl
we dated way back met at pontins when i thought i was john travolta
NEIL JONES by june robbins (Member 10027998) on 14-Jun-2001
Does this sound familiar to you ,were you named Neil Jones? Were you born on 2 January 1967,at HM STANLEY HOSPITAL, ST ASAPH.? Went to live in the wrexham area I have left messages on quite a few web pages.I am your birth mom I would love to hear from you . June [Jones]   
Lookin for people in the y-wern circa 1962-1971 by Louise Lucas (Member 10034966) on 9-Jun-2001
Hi! My name is Louise Lucas. I was born in the Y-wern 1958. I have three brothers Eddie,Paul and Bryn. Mothers name is Nancy and dads name Ted. We lived at 211 Y-wern Queens Park. In our street lived "the twins", Jack and Jill Wynn (good swimmers!). Also Carol and David Hughes and the Pritchard Family. I would love to hear from those of you who lived in that street at that time. Thanks - Louise.   
  • Re: Lookin for people in the y-wern circa 1962-1971 by Gareth (Bog) (Member 10148823) on 19-Mar-2005
    Hi My name is Gareth Pritchard I lived in 195 Y-Wern and I remember Eddy, Paul and Loise Lucas from Y-wern who moved to Coalchester.

lost relatives by kevin price (Member 10031260) on 2-Jun-2001
im trying to find any relatives i may have
my father was born in wrexham in 1914
his father was landlord of a pub which was opposite wrexham railway station
can any body help
  • Re: lost relatives by kevin price (Member 10031260) on 2-Jun-2001
    sorry i forgot to include his name it was ALBERT EDWARD PRICE

  • Re: lost relatives by Shaz (Member 10011365) on 4-Jun-2001
    U don't give the name of the Pub.
    Do u have anymore info?

  • Re: lost relatives by Oscar (Member 10030072) on 4-Jun-2001
    was the name of the pub "the turf"

  • Re: lost relatives by kevin price (Member 10031260) on 6-Jun-2001
    "the turf" does ring a bell but i couldnt be sure
    this would be in the 1920s

  • Re: lost relatives by K JONES (Member 10053982) on 28-Dec-2001
    the pub the turf was on the site where the new country store is but that was a long time ago and a new one in its memory was built about 20-30 years ago it is now by the football ground

  • Re: lost relatives by Gedge (Member 10027031) on 26-Sep-2002
    The Turf as it stands now was only built 20-30 years ago? Who told you that?

  • Re: lost relatives by Jennifer Zorger (Member 10096810) on 18-May-2003
    my great-grandfather immigrated to the u.s. but his brother, who was named albert edward price, stayed in the u.k.

    he would be too old to be your father, but is there any possibility he's an ancestor? my great-grandfather was named wilfred price and was a carpetmaker. his father was named harry price. i believe they may have lived in or near kidderminister.

dreamcast by antony (Member 10034039) on 29-May-2001
back ups for sale
e.mail me
ROSSETT and HOLT by martin walters (Member 10030108) on 26-May-2001
  • Re: ROSSETT and HOLT by Unknow man (Member 10031098) on 22-Aug-2001
    try www.192.com
    check out http://skem5060.50megs.com/

Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by KMM (Member 10025627) on 25-May-2001
Whatever happened to...
The Bellvue Butchers; 'Hoppie' the war veteran; Tommy Bagnall; Phil the Folkie and his 'large' spouse who used to sing outside of Woolworths; the ship models is the window of the Navy Recruitment Centre; The Egerton; Chiz from Yale; John Menzies Cafe; Wimpy and the Bean Burger; Teenage pregnancies...
Ah, those were the days.
  • Re: Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by Shaz (Member 10011365) on 28-May-2001
    Hoppy is dead & so is Tommy Bagnall

    As 4 Teenage Pregnancies- ain't they still around & more of em!

  • MORE OF... Whatever happened to...? A further list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by KMM (Member 10025627) on 8-Jun-2001
    'Emperor Ming' who used to drive on the Crossville Buses; The crap Video Juke Box at the Golden Lion; The smell of piss in the stairwells at Hightown flats; Puddles of vomit all the way up Hope Street on a Sunday morning; That sour-faced hag behind the counter of the Taxi rank in King Street; Spotting Ricky Tomlinson in town (Wrexham's only resident 'celebrity'); Argos (what was the point? You pi... more >>

  • Re: Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by Tim Lux (Member 10036653) on 29-Jun-2001
    Didn't Chiz become the Principal at Yale ? Here are some more ... Belle Vue Youth Club, inter-school wars, Central Station, the greasy plate chippy at the Beast Market, Borras chippy, and best of all the standard "centre parting, swept back at the side, curled under at the back" haircut at Man's World, no matter what you asked for.

  • Re: Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by KMM (Member 10025627) on 16-Jul-2001
    Oh yes...lovely. Keep them coming. Like... The Gwersyllt Vs Brynteg fights (really, what was the point?); chicken wire over the bar at the Red Lion; Barry Flanagan stopping the film at the Hipodrome Saturday morning kids shows and threatening to throw everyone out "there are plenty of people outside y'know..."; Tje Santa float getting egged going through Queens Park...

  • Re: Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by bob (Member 10052361) on 5-Dec-2001
    i live in wrexham if there is anything u would like to no about wrexham now id be happy to tell u

  • Re: Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by Tim Edwards (Member 10066553) on 7-May-2002
    Jacky Isaacs. Angelo, Abbey Lowes, Grandad, The Eat Easy, The Canarvon pub, The Bake n Take, The Snelsons chippy Pen y Bryn

  • Re: Whatever happened to...? A list of Wrexham nostalgia for the 30-somethings. by phil (Member 10089697) on 12-Feb-2003
    tommy bagnall found dead in coal shed in qp.any one know of the mcmullen twins two pissheads used to be in bryn estyn

Rhywyn yn rhoi trwbwl i'r Cymry? by Huw Waters (Member 10031385) on 10-May-2001
Dwi di clywed bod yna trwbwl yn cael ei achosi i'r Cymry gan y Saeson? Wel jest iddyn nhw aros tan dwi'n hynach a fydd yna dim Saeson yn bod yng Nghymru!   
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