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The Worst Things
  • Cora Davis got spit roasted by two pakkis. Is it Derl-Dacis or just Davis? Either way, we spit roasted her for a kebab
  • It starts with you and it ends with me julie. 1,2 Jimmy's coming for you, 3,4 better lock your door.. you get the picture. Lets find out if you being a lousy mother is capability or conduct. Either diminished ability due to being mentally ill or whether you are quite knowingly negligent? Im banking on the latter but I will obtain the answer when the time is right.
  • Yeovil. All of it. People and everything in it.
  • Social services.... gonna apologise. danger to what? didnt think so!
  • The traffic, Yeovil needs a ring road going around the outside of the Town with links coming off it to feed on to the main roads.
  • The Sunningdale estate. Worst thing that ever happened to Yeovil. Seem's to me that that was when the yob culture took over. Shames - was a really nice place up till then.
  • People who moan. About everything. And do nothing about it. If you're too lazy, thick or bigoted to do anything to improve your town, you don't deserve to live somewhere nice. Its probably because of people like you (oh its all crap and none of its my fault/responsibility) that you have so much to moan about. Get a grip, or move out and be miserable somewhere else.
  • Some of the people don't like outsiders I can't say all because some people don't come from Yeovil. They criticise other people not seeing their own faults. They don't stop bullying people when they leave school they insist on doing it to the grave either their targets or their own. If you do anything different to what they believe to be normal they will launch into verbal character assassination of the person. I have been here almost 10 years so I waited to get an idea of the place before I wrote this. Some of them truly believe that you ought to be here for 15 years before you can be accepted but the truth is you wont because your not one of them. I don't want to be one of them if it means singling people out for bullying and harrassment. Some of them pride themselves in it but I feel sorry for them choosing to be that kind of person. I have not listed places to go as i wouldn't encourage anyone to live in Yeovil or visit.
  • goths every where white faces black make up what the fuck come on sort it out you fucking weirdos
  • Lack of decent entertainment and shops for the size of the town
  • people coming to skate here that arnt local
  • flicks bar,burgerking and ask.
  • yeovilites
  • thugs and people whining about how shit yeovil is-if you dont like it leave!!
  • Townies!
  • The lack of nightclubs - we need more
  • fucking kids out past there bed time causing fights
  • the haribo gans who hang around town in their tracksuits harrasing passer bys
  • Parts of it are very very scummy.
  • Buskers, Druggies, umm Yeovil, Druggies, Litter, Druggies, Expensive drinks, did I say Druggies?
  • Everything about yeovil!
  • Rapists, druggies, twats. You name it Yeovil supplies it in bulk!
  • People only ever whining and moaning about what there is to do. Stop grizzling and get off your arses. A town is only as good as the people who live there - there is actually a lot going on if you can be bothered to look. So Look! I get bored with watching the boy and girl racers - get a life and do something sensible with your cars.
  • Yeovil itself is the worst thing - don't come here it's rubbish. if you do come here make sure you dress in sports gear to blend in and prevent getting beaten up for looking different.
  • This place is full of f*cking townies, god I hate them. The are always hanging around the church drinking cheap beer and beating up homeless people. All them with there white track suit bottoms and Kappa jackets, not to mention there fake gold jewlery, I mean come on. They are a bunch of loser thick-o's that can't yet a job because the never finshed school and got their 14 year old girlfriend pregnant, and wasted their pathetic life's.
  • Going back. Why can't my family move out too?
  • gettin kicked from skate spots
  • Staying
  • The crappy selection of shops and the prices of drinks!
  • Not having a duel carrageway into Yeovil, shocking!!! When it would be so so easy past Westlands out on the Cartgate link road, come on Council!!!! SORT IT!!!
  • Yeovil has alot of young people with nowhere to go and nothing to do...apart from wreck the town and the people in it.
  • where do i start??!!!
  • Drugs Drugs and Drugs you cant get away from it
  • The Borough on a Saturday night with its resident zombies and dangerous people. Avoid at all costs
  • the train stations are far too far out of the town centre, and the buses are stop at certain times. Its a hassle trying to get anywhere
  • Listening to people moan about Yeovil and its residents. Like all places it has a few tossers, But dont judge ALL by afew. Perhaps you have`nt tried hard enough or you hang in the wrong places or maybe you should go somewhere else.? NO AFFENSE INTENDED
  • The bus fares. It costs me 1.75 to get to and from town. What a rip off
  • Dodgy People...most r my m8 though!
  • Nightlife!!!!!
  • Drugs.
  • Burger King. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh. Oh, and the buses. 3.20 return <:-O
  • warm beer, and thugs in the nightclubs (which are shite anyway)
  • the bus fares. it costs 1.50 return just to get to town. what a waste of money. with that 1.50 i can by the more magazine and look at the position of the fortnight and still have 5p change
  • Yeovil town centre, how crap is that. Theres loads of weidos about. And chuwing gum is every where and is stick to the bottom of your shoes. And glovers walk, fucking shitty pigions, and the tramps that hand around in the bus staion. Mind you the bus driver James is not bad!!!!!!
  • Too many people with limited horizons. There is life outside Yeovil - GO AND SEE IF YOU DON'T BELIVE ME! And while you're out there, see if you can find a sense of humour, 'coz there ain't any in here!
  • everything about yeovil is shiiiiiiit,thats why i am moving to Newzealand. after spending 16 months over sea's,the,the worst thing that ever happened was returning,and two months was the limit,then get the fuck out again, there is nothing going on there,ok pubs thats it, but for the younger generation, what is there for them to do ?????????????. The place is full of ass holes, which can't wait till friday, so they can smash the place up, and fight what ever poor person happens to walk past, after they have had ten pints, great....... The only good thing they could do for yeovil, is knock half it down and start again, then send all the wankers out to Chard, with all the other no hopers. my advice is get the fuck out, what a shit hole of a place, but thats my own thoughts.... i just know i am happier when away from the place, and after 25 years living and owning a house, it's time to go..
  • I lived in Yeovil until 1995 and I couldn't wait to move out to Bristol. I still go back at Christmas, and I see the webbed handed, buck teethed Trevs are still about, still clad in the styles from 8 years back, shellsuits and knot top hair cuts. Last time I was there one of them walked up to me, grunted at me and walked away laughing. Fucking weirdos. Well, you see what happens when cousins marry... Best things are Nine Springs, Acorn Records, Yeovil College... everything else is bad, first place to be knocked down would have to be Glovers Walk - how much shit can pigeons drop? The bus station too with that fat fuck Ivor who drives the bus to South Petherton - is he still there? Anyway, big up all Stanchester School 89-94!
  • Everything - the place is a load of bland housing estates built around a fetid core, where the teenage inhabitants attempt to gain some meaning in their small, boring boring boring lives by doing handbreak turns in Tesco's car park.

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