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julie levondoski ( hope it is spelled right) by carole saunders (Member 10093016) on 17-Jun-2003
anybody help me to find julie, she married pat cox in january 1971 my husband and i were witnesses we lost contact when we moved. pat was in the army and i think they may have gone abroad. thanx for any help carole.   
  • Re: julie levondoski ( hope it is spelled right) by gina (Member 10064319) on 17-Nov-2003
    Hi, accorsing to my electoral disc there is no-one in the UK with that Surname....sorry

  • Re: julie levondoski ( hope it is spelled right) by carole saunders (Member 10093016) on 26-Nov-2003
    HI GINA, sorry so long in answering, but thanks for your concern, and thanks also for your information, i will have to look elsewhere, regards carole.

  • Re: julie levondoski ( hope it is spelled right) by elizabeth (Member 10046179) on 10-Dec-2003
    Hello Carole -
    Did the girl you're looking for have a brother named Jan? If so, I think the correct spelling is Lewandovski. Good Luck!

  • Re: julie levondoski ( hope it is spelled right) by Anonymous (Member 10159783) on 27-Jul-2005
    Hi there,

    they used to go to the great lyde in lyde road yeovil. not sure if that is any help.

Charity Rock Night Sat 31 MAY by Phil Smith (Member 10097478) on 27-May-2003
In aid of MS and ST Margarets Yeovil Hospice Appeal Guest Bands NIGHTSHADE and CRYIN OUT LOUD plus Rock DISCO, 8 till late supported by UNITED BIKERS GREAT BRITAIN MC YEOVIL Come on down for a good night and support your local charitys at Yeovil Liberal CLUB on Sat 31 May Entry 5£   
broadhembury college by tom barton (Member 10096575) on 16-May-2003
Hi, my name is Tom Barton and I went to school in Yeovil from 1961-1963.I am Canadian and my family lived in England in the 60's in Denham, while I went to school in Yeovil. I am unable to locate any info on the school. Is there anyone out there who can help shed any info???   
  • Re: broadhembury college by Dr.O.G.Whisnant (Member 10158114) on 6-Jul-2005
    Tom Barton.Hi.My name is Dr.Ostranda G.Whisnant(Strand)from Liberia and I also went to Broadhembury College(1961-1965).I remember you well.You used to do a good impression of James Cagney.There are a few other Liberian fellows around who also attended that institution.Lets get in touch.

  • Re: broadhembury college by Jim Stewart (Member 10170298) on 24-Nov-2005
    Hi Tom,
    My name is Jim stewart I remember you also the Guy from Canada with the winkle pickers and slicked back hair. It would be interesting meeting all those guys from Liberia ago. I remember Sam Stubbelfield and Edwin Taylor the
    most. I still live in Bermuda and hope to hear from you to touch bases.The other fellows fromBermuda are still around.

  • Re: broadhembury college by Tom Barton (Member 10194562) on 28-Sep-2006
    Hi Guys if you check this out and see my reply, my e-mail address is

  • Re: broadhembury college by Tom Barton (Member 10194562) on 21-Mar-2009
    Hi to all who are enquiring about this school.
    I have photos of the school ,
    Please contact me

  • Re: broadhembury college by Jack Balani (Member 10250468) on 5-Aug-2010

    My name is Jack Balani from Spain (Indian Origin). Now I live in Malaga on the Mediterranean coast.
    Going through the web, I was surprised to note that you have been in touch with some of the members of the school at Yeovil. Although it has been about 40 years ago, I do recall you.
    I don't know if you remember me. I was there from 1958 to 1966 and it would be great to get in touch with all the... more >>

  • Re: broadhembury college by Tom Barton (Member 10194562) on 16-Nov-2010


  • Re: broadhembury college by Justine Ashfield (Member 10259227) on 15-Mar-2011
    My name is Justine Ashfield, and my father was the Headmaster, Mr. Ashfield of Broadhembury College, I would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of Anthony Ashfield, as he is my half brother, and I would like to find him.I now live in the United States, an this is my email address,, I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone has on my brother/ Anthony As... more >>

  • Re: broadhembury college by PREM ROOPCHANDANI (Member 10290483) on 15-Dec-2013
    hi everyone,

    My name is prem. I was in broadhembury college from 61 -69 .I will be visiting Yeovil from 22 to 27 dec. My email is
    It would be nice to meet & catch up on some news over a couple of pints /diner.
    send me an email and lets... more >>

Skate Ramps at Milford Park by Pauline Burr (Member 10092786) on 26-Mar-2003
Summer 2003 We are organising a project at Milford Park to paint the skate ramps with good graffiti style artwork. If you are good at this type of art or are interested in learning, please let me know!
I can be contacted at
Leisure Services
Petters House
Petters Way
Bring back ABC by Andrew Reid (Member 10090648) on 24-Feb-2003
does anyone agree that we should re open the ABC cinema to create a little competition for the shite that we have now?The Abc main Screen was one of the biggest in the region, it was a piece of history tht should not be wasted, and is possibly one of the most interesting types of architecture in the whole town, if not county. What do we get? CINEWORLD! CINEWANK more like.   
  • Re: Bring back ABC by Derek Smith (Member 10097253) on 23-May-2003
    Too right. The ABC was a fantastic cinema. I loved it when the curtain opened that little bit more to reveal the full width of the screen.

    Plus of course Westlers hot dogs, late-night showings, Rocky Horror and the tranny usher(ette).

    Bring it all back and BURN Cineworld -- you can keep your air-con, tiny screens and rip-off prices.

  • Re: Bring back ABC by James (Member 10108258) on 22-Oct-2003
    Here here, wise words fella. Bring back the ABC - or at least save it for posterity. Many a happy film watched here. Better than that new cinema. How about turning it into a decent nightclub?

Alice Springs?! by Danny Allen (Member 10089030) on 2-Feb-2003
Hey im from london and me and my brother are travelling down for a gig at Alice Springs in Yeovil on Wednesday (Mahumodo, Eden Maine and Fireapple Red), does any1 have any info on this place? like the nearest train station? or a phone number? or a nearby Bed & Breakfast? if u cud reply or even better email me at   
  • Re: Alice Springs?! by Andrew Reid (Member 10090648) on 24-Feb-2003
    you'll find the nearets train staion will be Pen Mill station, but if your coming from London it may have to be Yeovil junction. Eitherway, call 01935 706706 for a taxi and take it to the Pen Mill hotel (incidently, itsright next to Pen mill Station). Alice springs is in town, toward the hospital that you cant miss...

    Answer you're q? if not, i'll try and help out further...

Looking for use of Hall by Jane (Member 10084499) on 2-Jan-2003
Can anyone help us? We are Revolver and need to find a recording venue. What we are looking for is a church or church hall or something with simular accoustics. We will only need it for a few days at most. Does anybody out there have the authority to help make this happen? Please contact us!   
JON RILEY by DENISE (Member 10086125) on 29-Dec-2002
Guitarist Desperately Wanted by Jane (Member 10084499) on 12-Dec-2002

Guitarist for heavy rock band. if you are the new Jimmy page or Hendrix we really need to hear from you. Influences from Led Zep the Chili Peppers, The Doors, Hendrix and many more
Ring Ben on 07747016739
Or Jay 078160276... more >>
Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by Terry WAY (Member 10080823) on 25-Oct-2002
My name is Terry WAY (Wayer was my nickname). Born Park St 1929 moved to Hillcrest Rd later, number 94 I think it was. End of block of four nearest the eastern side of Highfield Rd where the lamp post ( and Pigs Bin)was.

Went to Penn Mill School, passed my 11 plus, then to Yeovil School. And did I have to pay for that from my mates in the area.

We were virtually living in the country, at the... more >>
  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by michael kelly (Member 10042630) on 6-Dec-2002
    do you rember a family called ACKERMAN ALSO a family called robins i think they had a shop.
    and a family called millard they had the pub.
    or the norris family,i am tryin to research the ACKERMAN AND HAVE COME TO A STAND STILL.I LIVED IN YEOVIL MYSELF from 1964-1972,and went drinking with keith norris,sadley he died,but still keep intouch with peter millard.they all lived in PARK STREET.
    ... more >>

  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by michael kelly (Member 10042630) on 11-Dec-2002
    did you get my email


  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by elizabeth (Member 10046179) on 13-Jan-2003
    Hello - I know the Norris family; well at least one memeber of it (Keith's brother), please contact me if you'd like to be put in touch with him.

  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by Terry WAY (Member 10080823) on 18-Jan-2003
    Hi Liz,
    Have been offline for a while, just back on the net today. Are you talking about Dennis Norris who lived in Highfield Rd near the crossroad at top of hill ??. Opposite June Wheeler. The younger of 2 Brothers. What is your connection ??
    Cheers TERRY.

  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by michael kelly (Member 10042630) on 1-Aug-2003
    hi liz,
    only just got your mail,i think you might know ray or phil norris or heather norris,
    if any of them is on line will you give them my email address,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    ... more >>

  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by elizabeth (Member 10046179) on 7-Oct-2003
    Hello there -
    I've only just seen yopur message - must log in more often. I have known Phil Norris for many years; unfortunately, he's not on the net, but he says if you email me with your contact details he'll get in touch with you. My email add. is:

    Hope to hear from you,

  • Re: Hillcrest Rd - Highfield Rd - Fielding Rd 1939 to 1945 by bernice (Member 10211911) on 6-Aug-2007
    thank for ur mail and am really want that and i will like to meet my life partnership
    wish to end here
    read from you soon

Looking for? by Wendy (Member 10076391) on 19-Sep-2002
I have been talking to this lovely guy on the internet for a few years now and just wondering if anyone knows him and can say whether he is really nice or not?
Looking forward to replies
  • Re: Looking for? by alien slug thingy from another planet (Member 10077669) on 21-Sep-2002
    could you be more vague, please ?

  • Re: Looking for? by Adrian Davies (Member 10000789) on 15-Jan-2003 asking, Wendy, but are you a blonde??????

  • Re: Looking for? by richard s (Member 10101642) on 23-Jul-2003
    yes wendy i think i know him,does he have 2 arms 2 legs a body and a head?YES
    SORRY love its the wrong bloke!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: Looking for? by James (Member 10108258) on 22-Oct-2003
    No, don't think I know him.

Highway 49 by Les Dowlen (Member 10002730) on 31-Aug-2002
Used to be a band called Highway 49 playing in the Yeovil area. Lead singer was a guy called Rod. Anyone know if they're still playing???

email me at
Can someone help me find... by Vanessa (Member 10076176) on 21-Aug-2002
This is a big shot in the dark but there was a guy that went to college in Thame (Oxfordshire) that i used to know and i am trying to get hold of him. It was about four years ago,so if any of your mates are called Carl and were in college around then let me know or even if you have any idea!Please?!   
Rock venues by karl robinson (Member 10075657) on 14-Aug-2002
Are there any rock pubs/ clubs in the Yeovil area, or do any of the dance clubs do rock nights?
If not where are the nearest?
  • Re: Rock venues by karl robinson (Member 10075657) on 14-Aug-2002

  • Re: Rock venues by Jane (Member 10084499) on 4-Dec-2002
    I've just added to the gig guide a really great place...........where IT ROCKS!
    It's The Yeovil Labour Club
    Friday 20th December
    Gig name THE BIG GIG
    I have a 'best of the year' six band line-up
    ... more >>

Looking for Christine Hare by tricia tanner (Member 10069187) on 26-Jun-2002
Christine used to be my penfriend from school days some 40 years ago. She used to live at 8 Earle Street, Yeovil, Somerset. Her maiden name of Hare may now be changed. Would love to email/write to her again. Does anyone know of this family?   
  • Re: Looking for Christine Hare by jaki (Member 10034454) on 9-Jun-2006
    my mum grew up in Earle St - email me if you are still looking.

  • Re: Looking for Christine Hare by jaki (Member 10034454) on 9-Jun-2006
    sorry -

wendy claire by Joyce Hextall nee Grant (Member 10061349) on 3-Jun-2002
i am looking for a wendy claire who i knew at mill hill in london in 1980/81. if anyone has any info could they please lrt me know. regards joyce.   
Did you leave Bucklers Mead School in 1979? by jaki (Member 10034454) on 27-May-2002
A reunion has been organised for 9th August 2002 at the Quick Silver Mail Pub - 8pm onwards. LAst chance to all meet up before hitting the big 40!!!
Call Andy Neil for details on 07977077479.
earn good money from home. by derek cummings (Member 10036758) on 5-May-2002
If you are broke and need to earn some money I found a great way to earn from home. Some work part time and others full time. Whatever your needs if you visit you can apply for a free no obligation information pack. This is not a get rich scheme or scam, it really works.   
Anyone remember me? by Robert McMillan (Member 10066776) on 28-Apr-2002
I would like to get in touch with the people I used to know when I lived in Yeovil. I went to Penn Mill school from 1955-59 Buckler’s Mead from 59 – 64.

In 1970 I married Gillian Webber, in 1972 we moved to Keynsham and then in 1976 or so we moved to Bristol.

It was in 1980 that we emigrated to Canada where we no... more >>
  • Re: Anyone remember me? by baz (Member 10026709) on 19-Oct-2002

    The name is vaguely familiar. Does Joyce Travis or Barrie Wheatley mean anything to you?

    NOTE......Pen Mill has only one 'n'


  • Re: Anyone remember me? by baz (Member 10026709) on 15-Nov-2002
    Hi Robert

    Joyce has just reminded me that your sister might be called Franchesa, or something like?

    Let... more >>

LED ZEPPELIN - BATH FESTIVALS - Tape Wanted by keith lambert (Member 10020498) on 25-Apr-2002
I'm hoping to locate anybody in the area who recorded the LED ZEPPELIN concerts at Bath and Shepton Mallett in 1969 or 1970. Also their Bristol concerts. The quality of the tape doesn't matter! Also looking for tapes/photos/tickets/posters of this and any other Zep gig. I am writing a book. Substantial reward for tapes. Thanks, Please call Keith on 07710 040012 or e-mail   
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