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LED ZEPPELIN - BATH FESTIVALS - Tape Wanted by keith lambert (Member 10020498) on 25-Apr-2002
I'm hoping to locate anybody in the area who recorded the LED ZEPPELIN concerts at Bath and Shepton Mallett in 1969 or 1970. Also their Bristol concerts. The quality of the tape doesn't matter! Also looking for tapes/photos/tickets/posters of this and any other Zep gig. I am writing a book. Substantial reward for tapes. Thanks, Please call Keith on 07710 040012 or e-mail   
lost sheep !!! by Aine (Member 10065086) on 10-Apr-2002
I have just been dumped by my partner after 4 years and 2 kids down the line (bastard shit!).I currently live in boring Basingstoke but I'm thinking of moving to Yeovil after seeing it on the nowhere guide.Can anyone advise me if this would be a good idea.So far what I have seen looks good but I would like to hear from a local who can lend some help!


  • Re: lost sheep !!! by tim thatcher (Member 10082979) on 18-Nov-2002
    hello, i was just looking through the message board and i just thought i would tell u it is a very nice place to live . i have been here for 10years and its the best years of my short life so far.

  • Re: lost sheep !!! by Michelle Chandler (Member 10102935) on 10-Aug-2003
    Hello, I'm just wondering if you ever took the plunge & moved to Yeovil? I'm thinking of doing the same early next year, not sure if it's the right thing to do! Any feedback will be much appreciated!M

  • Re: lost sheep !!! by cas (Member 10172298) on 19-Dec-2005
    Hi I moved to yeovil 3 yrs ago and it was the best thing i ever did,I love it here

old friends!!! by kim lewis (Member 10063129) on 21-Mar-2002
Does any of the chapman family still live in the yeovil area? Caroline, debbie, dawn, john, contact this board and let me know your all ok and what you are upto today!!   
Do you live in (or near) Seaton Road or West Street? by Zara (Member 10058518) on 8-Feb-2002
IF SO THEY WE COULD USE YOUR HELP! If you live in the area then you are more than aware of the huge ugly Bomb Shelters that are situated by the 'brookie', and you will also be more than aware of the trouble they attract. The Buildings are ugly, covered in grafitti and a hang out place for gangs of children/teenagers - who make loads of noise and upset and intimidate neighbours. The site is dangero... more >>   
  • Re: Do you live in (or near) Seaton Road or West Street? by Kerry (Member 10082920) on 17-Nov-2002
    Fair enough the shelters were a bit of a hang out for kids & yes they did become a bit of an eye sore, but surely the council could've cleaned them up?

    Yet again the over riding problem is with yeovil's youth still having nothing constructive to do with thier time. A town should not have to knock down buildings that saved people's lives, we shouldn't have to knock down our history because it d... more >>

Adoptee search - Male by joanallan (Member 10024187) on 5-Feb-2002
You know you are adopted - dob 15.7.63. Born in Bridgwater adopted in Yeovil. Me, Joan, and your natural family in Weston Super Mare have been trying so hard to get in touch with you for a year now. Other people (the counsellors) are blocking the paths. Don't be afraid to contact me, Joan Allan, on 01454 615031, I am your natural mother's third party. She is a lovely woman, so full of life and... more >>   
John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 27-Oct-2001
---of Wincanton / Sexeys School pre 1976. Anyone know where he is?   
  • Re: John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 17-Nov-2001

  • Re: John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 18-Nov-2001

  • Re: John Gilbert by joolz999 (Member 10051880) on 28-Nov-2001
    Is this particular Jon Gilbert a tall thin guy with glasses? I -may- know him! reply here!

  • Re: John Gilbert by joolz999 (Member 10051880) on 28-Nov-2001
    sorry wrong guy!- my mate Jon Gilbert is an ex-chef (non-scientist!)

  • Re: John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 29-Nov-2001
    At last someone has woken up - rigt WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF SOMERSET?? Is that too much to ask?

  • Re: John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 5-Dec-2001
    The world waits whist you Southern yokels snooze...

  • Re: John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 14-Dec-2001
    Has somebody nuked Yeovil?

  • Re: John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 21-Dec-2001

  • Re: John Gilbert by elizabeth (Member 10046179) on 12-Jun-2002
    Hello Vic -
    Sorry it took so long for one of us "southern yokels" to wake's all this lovely cider you what was it you were saying?????

SKA / REGGAE FANS.........FREE MUSIC !!! by zzz records (Member 10033465) on 2-Oct-2001
Footy progs by david fletcher (Member 10006317) on 17-Sep-2001
Can anyone help with the following Yeovil v Romford programmes?
29/4/61. 29/9/62. 28/12/63. 27/2/65. 3/2/68. 19/10/68. 23/8/69. 16/3/74. 19/4/75.
Reasonable offers made. Also collections purchased.
  • Re: Footy progs by James (Member 10108258) on 22-Oct-2003
    on ebay mate - always a large selection to buy. hope this helps

Searching for John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 12-Aug-2001
Anyone know the wherabouts of JD Gilbert. Former pupil of Sexeys School, Bruton and student at Preston Poly during late 70's. Last heard of working at Rutherford / Appleton labs in Didcot. Possibly emigrated to Austrailia ??????
Nice bloody bloke.
  • Re: Searching for John Gilbert by Anne van Staveren (Member 10242800) on 1-Dec-2009
    Did you find him? You're right, he was a nice bloke. I'm anne, knew you both at Preston Poly, drove a green Ford Anglia, or was it the blue one? I'd love to know he's happy someplace.

JON FOULSHAM by JO HODGSON (Member 10040262) on 7-Aug-2001
Stanchester Community School by Helen Wallace (Member 10039597) on 1-Aug-2001
Hello! I was just wondering if there's anyone out there who went to Stanchester school between 1988 and 1993? I went to a different sixth form and lost touch with lots of people...........   
Ex-pupils from Fareham by sally wells (Member 10021128) on 29-Jul-2001
I am searching for 2 friends who attended Fareham park infant & Junior school Fareham Hampshire.
Phillip Abercrombie and Sophie Davies.
Pleaes get in touch.
PAULINE SHELDON by IAN FRENCH (Member 10002141) on 15-Jul-2001
Is there a pauline sheldon out there who lived in
bournemouth around 1975 to1982. or is there anyone who rememder`s her´she is probable married
so the surname will be different she will be around 46 years old now. It would be nice too know what happend to her.Ian French.
I have been living in Sweden for the last 10 years
  • Re: PAULINE SHELDON by IAN FRENCH (Member 10002141) on 25-Jul-2001
    Pauline used to live at 31 chilton grove in yeovil

ha ha ha by davie johnson (Member 10037285) on 13-Jul-2001
At last stoner Gatch has got his dope cartoon and rastagatch site up - check out   
im looking for a sailor!!! ;-) by Laura (Member 10034643) on 5-Jun-2001
SOS = hello peeps!!! u r my only hope. If anyone knows and body in the Navy based in yeovil pleaseeeeeeee email me asap and u shall be rewarded in heaven - i want to find my ship that ******* me in the nite!!!   
Yeovil - up to 1981 by jaki (Member 10034454) on 3-Jun-2001
I grew up in yeovil - attending Milford Junior school and Bucklers Mead Comp (1974 - 79), before Yeovil 6th form college('79 - 81). Would be interested in hearing from people I knew at that time. My maiden name was Bower - now called Fairbrother.

I learned today that a school colleague died recently - Martin Welch - for those who remember him.
  • Re: Yeovil - up to 1981 by IAN FRENCH (Member 10002141) on 25-Jul-2001
    Did you know a Pauline sheldon??????????

  • Re: Yeovil - up to 1981 by michael kelly (Member 10042630) on 3-Jan-2003
    did you marry bob fairbrother of hemel hempstead.


Yeovil by Jean (Member 10031750) on 28-Apr-2001

I'd like to contact friends from the past - those who lived in Chilton Grove in the 1950s and 1960s - Helen Marks, Pauline and Maureen Sheldon, Stuart Willis, Freda Boardman, Elizabeth Jolly, Diane Swain and Chris North - great fun playing skipping in the road, and going to the rec.

Also friends from Yeovil Girls High School, 1964 - 69 Sally Wakeley, Linda Marks, Lesley Dike, Caz ... more >>
  • Re: Yeovil by IAN FRENCH (Member 10002141) on 25-Jul-2001
    I used to know Paulin sheldon in 1979- 80 the last time I saw her was in 1984 in yeovil she told me she was getting wed the following year
    I have been in sweden for 10 years now

  • Re: Yeovil by Lesley Dike (Member 10056092) on 18-Jan-2002
    Hi folks, I have been contacting people from Yeovil Girls High School and would love to hear from Caz Levet, Linda Marks, Sally Wakeley and Jean Harding, to name but a few. I have been in touch with Nicky Cockings, Kathy Augarde, Roz Farish and Carol Pym through Friends Reunited. We are thinking of having a reunion for the class of 1972, so how about it?! And that includes you Pauline Sheldon!

School friends and neighbours by R.A.Rogers (Member 10031021) on 19-Apr-2001
I used to live in Wingate Ave, from about 1950 to
1955.In first pupil intake when Milford juniors opened, anyone remember me???? A couple of terms at Grass royal before my family moved to Poole.
Most of us must be grandparents by now!!!!
Those were the days,screaming down chelston ave hill on my trolly,with roller races for wheels!!and no brakes.
Searching for John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 14-Apr-2001
Anyone know the whereabouts of JD Gilbert, originally from Wincanton (Bruton?) and educated Sexeys School (left 1974/76?). Thought to have left to work in Oz during late 80's following emploment with Rutherford Appleton Labs. I'm an old college mate who would like to get in touch.   
Searching for John Gilbert by Vic Hanby (Member 10020832) on 14-Apr-2001
Anyone know the whereabouts of JD Gilbert, originally from Wincanton (Turton?) and educated Sexeys School (left 1974/76?). Thought to have left to work in Oz during late 80's following emploment with Rutherford Appleton Labs. I'm an old college mate who would like to get in touch.   
  • Re: Searching for Jean Marks by Noreen Wilson (Member 10060888) on 28-Feb-2002
    Please can anyone help? I am trying to find Jean and Alan Marks, who lived at Tangmere, Court Lane, Stoford, Yeovil. My family and I have known Jean for nearly 40 years, and she is my younger daughter's godmother. I last heard from her at Christmas 2000, and although I sent her a card last Christmas, I have received no reply. Their telephone number is not acknowledged and I can find no trace o... more >>

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