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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Alan Taylor, FA cup winner 1975
  • Lee Evans
  • jonathan knill,internet dj
  • George Toon, Founder member of the political group Free The UK lives at the back of Waitrose somewhere.
  • Russell Tovey who was in The History Boys is from Billericay, also weird weatherman Daniel Corbett (born in Dagenham) spent his early years here.
  • Ian Drury and Lee Evans so I'm told...
  • there was a song sung about it (Billericay Dicky), but as far as i am aware no actual celebrities have come from billericay, though there are many from essex, such as david beckham!!!
  • Lee Evans is a Billericay school boy and an awful song was once written named "tricky dicky from billericay" god rest ian's soul, no one very important though.
  • Lee Evans
  • Lee Evans lives here, grew up here, not from here originally though. Julian Dicks (West Ham football player) grew up here and lives here. England football player Paul Parker grew up here and lives here. A member of Culture Club (Boy Georges band) used to live here.
  • Apparently, Lee Evans lives in Leigh, not Billericay....
  • Hip Hop blokes DJ Crap Picture, Bobby Fett, Mean Joe Green, Chromium05 and Digital Darrell live at the top of Outwood Common Road. And ex Graffiti artist and hip hop DJ "SYKES" from the original YNR hip hop group lives in Billericay too.......if you like that sort of thing.
  • You probably don't know about him now but Lee Barnard ex-Mayflower school is playing for Spurs and i know he'll be gracing 'THE PREMIERSHIP' soon.......
  • lorna peggler who live opposite to me when not filming and of course lee evans. Robbie williams almost moved to western road but decided not to at the last moment (sensible guy).
  • Lee Evans pops a lot in waitrose. Nice bloke.
  • Nicholas Frost. Renowned actor noth T.V. and stage. Born 1955 in Billericay and lived in Passingham Ave. during childhood and adolescent years.
  • Nicholas Frost. Renowned actor noth T.V. and stage. Born 1955 in Billericay and lived in Passingham Ave. during childhood and adolescent years.
  • Lee Evans' mum lives in my road and i've met him
  • Darren Day
  • Dave De La Haye.. Golfer extraordanaire and total womaniser (jammy git). His family own a good chunk of the High Street.
  • It wasn't Jon Moss that lived on Noak Hill Road, it was Roy Hay (culture club).
  • Mr Webb the resident of Lake Meadows for many years now (has a saying about removing rodents from your home), know by most residents of this fine town.
  • Lee Evans lives in Billericay if anyone didn't know that....??
  • Julian Dicks the ex West Ham footballer used to live in First Avenue. Mark Kinsella, Charlton and Rep of Ireland midfielder lives in Noak Hill Road. Alan Taylor who scored two goals for West Ham in the 1975 cup final used to live in South Green.
  • I don't think Sandie Shaw ever 'lived' in Billericay as such. She did however visit her parents who lived at one time in Cromwell Avenue.
  • Yes Lee Evans did come from Billericay, he used to live down Chantry Way with his mum, dad and brother wayne, his mum used to work at the Railway Pub, his dad was a comedian with Butlins and his brother used to box as well as work in pubs.
  • Lorna pegler - emily from hollyoaks used to live in billericay
  • Jon Moss - Drummer from Culture Club used to live down Noak Hill road.
  • Lee Evans, delightful man! Very funny
  • Joans Simms went to St Johns ( she always played Sid James put upon wife in the carry on films) , Lee Evans, Samantha Janus's nan used to live there...
  • Tony Parsons, Julie Birchall, John Kendall, Sandie Shaw, Justin Edinburgh, Samantha Janus.
  • When I worked at Waitrose I served mad Terresa Gorman (who frequents the place) and many a time I've seen comic Lee Evans pop out of Smoker's Paradise (he lives in Norsey Road somewhere)
  • The famous Billericay rude boyz all grew up in south green. you probably know them for the various brawls around essex
  • The "Billericay Barstards" a Hells Angels type gang were infamous throughout Essex in the early - mid Seventies, although never as bad as they were often painted.
  • dave gahan, rick astley, that bitch gorman
  • Lee evans ian wright(apparently!!)
  • The "Billericay Barstards" were an infamous band of "Hell's Angel" types in the early seventies, remembered mainly for the fracas at Billericay School disco/dance one Friday evening in late '72 early '73.
  • Harvey Procter was once MP for Billericay , a fact which is often 'forgotten'.
  • Sebert,king of the East Saxons lived in village,now suburb Great Burstead.
  • Look out for new band "Nuclear Winter." 4 'Ricay boys hoping to be famous.
  • Sandie Shaw lived here allegedly.
  • Dennis Waterman did live in Norsey Rd. His house backed onto Norsey Woods between Potash Rd and Mercer Rd.
  • The great Ian (correct spelling) Dury did help to make the town famous with his song "Billericay Dickie", but he didn't live here. He lived in Upminster.
  • I know for a fact that Chris Evans lives down my road because my hairdresser told me that she cuts his hair, they have been out to restaurants together but not on a date, they are just friends.
  • Lee Evans lives on Norsey road, my friend delivers his paper and my French Teacher, Mr Ivon Rushton, is always telling stories about him!
  • TOM BARBER!!!!
  • I'm sure that Dennis Waterman (Minder fame) was living, or had a place near Norsey Wood in the 1980's.
  • Paul Parker of England fame, Mark owen from tak that was rumored to be getting a house there
  • The most famous person to ever live in this boring place, and he is still very cool these days, is Iain Dury, he even did the song "Billericay Dickie"
  • It was Johnathon Walker who played Tank - he was in the year above me. Samantha Janus, and the guy off of Live & Kicking that isn't Tim Vincent.
  • Teresa Gorman is MP for Billericay.
  • Some of the Eastenders move to Billericay (in the soap - not in real life).
  • There are quite a few West Ham players who live in Billericay, I think Lee Evans comes from Billericay, and Tank from the Walkers adverts grew up, and lives in Billericay.

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