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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • My aunty Marys fanny. Was well known around the Hazel Tree.
  • My aunty Marys fanny. Was well known around the Hazel Tree.
  • Lulu's auntie used to live in Corby. Brendan Coyle an actor is from corby.
  • Lulu's auntie used to live in Corby. Brendan Coyle an actor is from corby.
  • The late Dougie King, Radio DJ and. Nags Head/ Juicy Lucy's landlord
  • Dozy out of Dave dee etc, or was it just that Dave dee dozy bastard
  • Chinky Lee the best science teacher ever. He ruled Our Ladys with his famous cane. What a guy.
  • the best footballer in the late sixties Mark Lavin turned down the chance to play for Everton to join the Navy
  • Lulu's aunt lived in Corby and used to drink in the labour club
  • richard grimley used to live in Corby and now serves in the Australian navy. He has done several tours of duty including Iraq, and Afganistan. alison rae lived there and is now an famous author but writes under a different name. also, an ex-Corbyite won the lottery, many millions, but best not to reveal their name.
  • MARK RITCHIE, country singer now lives in mallorca was born in corby
  • the speedhorn neighbour is the drummer for HOGWASH
  • shane balmer who battered all the yobs, and the police and anyone else who was up there own arse. Now a multi millionaire.
  • Mick Tinsley lead vocalist with 60s group hedgehoppers anonymous married my aunt and lived in Constable rd in the 60s and early 70s
  • Does anyone remember Pele? No, not the footballer! He was built like a brick s***house. One summer's afternoon he cooly walked into the Kingfisher pub, pulled to plug out from the fag machine and carried it into a waiting taxi.
  • mad terry's pretty famous round these parts, since he moved to kettering after apparently jumping off the multi-storey :S
  • some fat guy looks like rik walla
  • Urrm a few football players...lee glover (i think he still lives here though oops)...eddie mcgoldrick, he did move to Australia for a while but as far as i no he has moved back he didnt like it
  • Mark Lawrenson, Match Of The Day and ex-Liverpool star has played for Corby Town Football Club
  • Johnny Vaughn was said to have lived here at some point, Stuart Campbell of Bristol Rovers.
  • Michele Mcewan is a wicked wee bird who lives in corby!
  • the beautiful sites of corby no thanks
  • Does anyone know what happened to Bandits at 7 0' Clock?
  • All i can think of is Bill drummond from KLF . Let's be honest, it's not really a big shout in The Ivy, is it ?
  • whered mad terry go????
  • eddie mcgoldrick, lee glover, brendan coyle, ryan kelly, jonathan mcgrath, brendan reilly
  • the inglis family now they are worth a mention there is andy and joan (deceased) but some of their sons jimmy for 1 .he is an all round nice guy and mobile dj and karaoke always has a quick wit up his sleave.bobby the judo star 4th dan not bad for the size of him and he still goes out jogging at age 55 and competes in judo and still teaches the same. ian who lives on the exeter been driving taxis for years every weekend
  • Dennis Tierny - Gaelic Footballer Lee Glover - Footballer James McGlone - Sam Barry's Love Child
  • actually just so u get it right the lead singer of st cecilia was called keith and he did write the song leap up and down and jihn proctor was in the band with him, just so u no as u dont seem to no much
  • The Morning After, corbys best band ever!
  • MAD TERRY!!!!!! ha ha ha
  • the morning after band dey r fkin wkd dey play at d fisher alot
  • Big Dave. The definition of cool.
  • the drummer from the police lived in corby for a bit
  • i no a millionare he lives 1 mile away he is a good friend of mine
  • Trevor Wright - a living legend and generally nice guy. Booked Jessie Fuller to play at the Nags back in the old days and was part of the Corby Folk Four Landlord of the Everard Arms for 24 Years.
  • Pete Bultitude from Corby was a Stars in their eyes finalist in 1999, he did a Phil Collins tribute.
  • even if they were from corby they wudnt admit it! hu wud b proud?
  • I once lent Elvis Presley a tenner in 1954, he was waiting for a plane at Wilbarston airport.My mum used to teach George Formby how to play the Bango, but he never did quite pick it up.My brother was lead singer with Led Zeppelin for 3 years, and I once play jaws harp on a Rod stweart single called Maggie May, john Peel played the mandolin.As one of the only Lottery winners in the town.2.5million in 2002 and managed to keep it a secret so fasr I must have financed more kerry oots than RAB C, who buy the way pops in to see us every new years eve with a bottle of buckfast and 10 scotch pies,Dougie Who????
  • um... terrence.... um... viking skull, raging speedhorn.... my auntys famous.. but she's only ever visited corby - she got recognised in asda hehe. Morag Stewart from 'take-the-high-road' you kno u watch it...
  • Seriously, noone really, really famous has ever came from corby.
  • raging speedhorn
  • ma dad
  • Mr Bip has his own private numba plate owns nite clubs and every1 in corbys heard of him. Mad terri culd b clased as a celeb of corbi i suppose.
  • Corby also boasts a football team that played at the famous wembley stadium corby caledonion managed by John martin played in the 1997 carlsberg cup final no mean feat when you think that 480 teams entered the tourney from all over the country. they lost the final 3-1 but the 8000 fans that went to wembley had a great day and is now known as the day that brought the whole of corby together
  • i once got so bored i decided to smash the kingswood school windows i think the damage was 6,380 or somthing the teachears hated me but i was a hero for about 3 weeks --jr--
  • George 'COCO' McCart ex union and Corby councillor.
  • Jim Morrison once drove through Corby Town Centre in 68 on the way to Woodstock, honest my mum saw him, he stopped at The Frying Scotsman and bought a deep fried mars bar and a bottle of Irn Bru
  • Ray and Anne Brett, Corby's famous C&W duo, and still ging strong on the local and national circuit, spent some time as opening act and backing band to Aussie yodeller Frank Ifield. Albert Halsey, a long retired and highly respected Oxford Uni Sociology Don and author and sometime talking head on BBC TV was brought up in the village and his brother still lives in the town. Albert's books are still undergraduate reading. My mum's school sweetheart from the '20's early '30's, Dick Graham and his brother, brought up in Tunwell Lane cottages, went on to play professional football at a high level, for Notts Forest or County I think. Dick managed Crystal Palace, Leyton Orient, Walsall, Colchester and Wimbledon and twice had the distinction of managing lower league sides that put Leeds Utd out of the FA Cup...good man!!! I think the brother got killed in the war but had been a very promising top flight player. Rangers and Scotland skipper Eric Caldow was player manager at Occupation Road in the '60's. Alec Dawson, a genuine Busby Babe and prolific scoring teenager for United immediately post Munich was player/commercial manager for the Steelmen in the late '60's early seventies. Alec played in the FA Cup final for Preston. Matt Busby's sister ran the Studfall shops newsagent in the '50's and '60's. Sir Matt was a regular visitor...or so my mother told me as a kid. Morse's creator, Colin Dexter, taught Classics, and his wife taught English, at Corby Grammar, not Kingswood Grammar. His daughter was a student in my class too. May also have taught some classes at Corby Boys and Corby Girls Schools on Rockie Road too. Family played at a Grammar School Friday night dance in the late '60's under the soubriquet Broodly Hoo just before they became big time. No other local connection than that but heck that was a gig that rocked. Ronnie Hogg, ex Corby and Kingswood Grammar is now an assistant chief constable and often in charge of football hooligan watch abroad, so often gets interviewed on radio and tele. John Kemp (Buiscuit), first headmaster of Corby Grammar, went on to be head at Gordonston the year after Prince Charles left and he introduced co-ed there. Not quite Corby but some famous souls from history who probably passed through from time to time include Lord Cardigan of woolly top fame, a Brudenell from Dene and of course infamous for the foul up that became known as The Charge of The Light Brigade, who is buried in Dene Church. Others include a couple of the catholic Gunpowder Plot conspiritors caught hiding out in the Triangular Lodge at Rushton. Glen Robertson, Saints winger and England trialist, was sports master at Corby Granmmar in the late '60's. Top try scorer in England he was in the Probables team but got injured and never made the internatoinal first XV...very fast winger but not the best defensively. Brian Bennett, drummer of The Shadows, and credited with being the inventor of modern rock drumming, is married to a Corby girl. His mother-in-law is still in the town as far as I know...she used to work at Aquascutum and was a good source of signed photos of Cliff and the Shads.
  • Sir Mat Busby has strong links with the town - see the posters in the Sir Mat Busby bar, Lodge Park Sports Centre
  • Peter Galloway ex-Electrons/B and 3 recorded with CBS 1972 - played with Ronnettes/Kinks/Tony Orlando etc. now running an architect's practice in Hampshire.
  • Billy Mcharg passed away 26/09/03 aged 69, lived in corby old village was a popular drummer through 50,s 60,s 70s, played with paul beards dance band for 20 years and deputised with a number of top jazz bands around the country, backed artists such as p.j proby, billy j. kramer, norman collier, fat larrys band etc.
  • MAD TERRY (ledgend)
  • WILLY McCOWATT nearly made it to the big time, if only he could hit the ball properly with his head. Just think he could have been playin for Leeds or even retired now!!
  • mr bip ! thats it im a poet and i didint know it
  • Paul Dick - aka John Burnside - poet and bestselling author - went to Pope John in the late sixties/early seventies - famously did an english o-level exam in twenty minutes getting a grade A - arguably the brightest student PJ ever saw. Got expelled for smoking the reefer, went on to become a gardener before returning to higher education and excelling as a professor of English.
  • Famous Corby band,Wellington, released a host of records in the early 70s both in the UK and abroad. Dave Martin and Ian Eccles fronted Wellington and were augmented by various musicians. Notably, for the Radio One sessions by Corby musicians John Grimley, Ned McGuigan, Kenny Payne, Jack Murphy. Last saw Wellington in the USA supporting Elton John.
  • The chaps from speedhorn and VIKING SKULL \m/(>_<)\m/, the BMX gang from C.W.P. they've been in the newspaper...
  • I heard that Johnny Crawford was a leg-end in his own lunchtime.
  • Dont forget George Reilly, Brenden Reilly's ( sorry O'reilly) uncle. Played for Watford in the 80's. Also Lee Glover, who played for Forest & string of other clubs. Why are Corby Town FC so shit then???
  • jimmy kane lets bring back euthanasia old socialist fag
  • John Hurt the actor and, paparazi punching cigarette smoking gravelley voiced luvvy, once threw up all over my hush puppies and gobbed a huge precipitous mass of flem on the window of a passing taxi outside Shafts night club back in the summer of 84. He ended up stagering off down the road swearing and cursing with some tart and a big bag of crispy bits from the Chinese on the corner of George Street.He came back up the road with his moleskin kecks around his ankles and blood all down his raffia fronted shirt and offered everyone a battle in the Kentucky before passing out minced on the floor in front of the embassy muttering something about being very pleased to meet you. What a surprise when two years later I saw him play a strikingly similar role in a film on Channel four! That's a proper method actor for you!!! Top notch!
  • Lemmy from motorhead used to live in kettering, haven't seen him for a while though. The Levellers once played at kettering leisure village (that gig fuckin' ruled)
  • Les Smith was the original singer with "St. Cecilia" not Stuart Irving, mind you , he never sang "Leap Up and Down" some bozo who thought he'd wrote an original song sang it...bass player...AGENT..say no more
  • Allegedly as a child Lennox Lewis was brought up on Llewellyn walk (near the Pluto pub) but moved to Canada because he was such a soft child, compared to the local Pluto mob who mercilessly bullied him.
  • That Chinky guy Peter Lee, who was the best skater in the town. His old man was Chinky Lee the teacher at Our Ladies, the crippled guy who could break fingers with a cane. Peter Chinky Lee went to America and skated on a British team and he beat the world slalom champion at the skatepark in Kettering. He and Ally Barr from Kettering, were the best skaters in Northamptonshire.
  • Can't believe that no one has mentioned Brendan Reilly, Olympic High jumper, who attended Pope John school between 1984 and 1989. Also Bryn Gunn who played for Nottingham Forest was from Corby. Former Corby resident Billy Tracey (Gilchrist Avenue 50's and early 60's) was crowned New Zealand Judo champion after moving there in the mid 60's and after marrying a native gained full citizenship and was selected for the New Zealand Olympic Team.
  • Richard Oliff - b.1955 - Broadcast Journalist with the BBC. Prior to that ten years with KCBC radio and Connect FM. (Check for further details). Former resident of Thoroughsale Road and Grenville Close. Pupil of Corby Boys School and now living in Gretton.
  • Yeah, Joe Murphy is now large in Holland. He was on t.v. when I was out there for the England under 21 game against the cloggies. He was dating Famke Jansen (Dutch bond girl)for a while and I caught up with him in Delft and had the crack. He said to say hello to all the Kingswood pupils of 82, and is also to be seen in the (Anglo-Dutch)film Discovering Heaven with Stephen Fry. Nice to see that someone from Corby has made it large.
  • Just to let you know that one of the members of the band St. Cecelia, John Proctor still lives in Brookes Grove, Corby, and is now Lecturing in Computer Sciences Tresham Institute, Kettering....scary that a band-member of a group whoo "sung jump up and down wave your knickers in the air"!
  • brendan rielly is an olympic high jumper and he represented britain in the sydney 2000 olympics (cousins to andy cuddihy my uncle)
  • Probably loads, but they hide the shamefull fact they are from Corby. Jimmy Kane, he helped make Corby the hell hole it is today. His extreme left policies have help stun any potential that corby ever had. He is a true member of the looney left. John Wood Cowling , on a spiritual level with Jimmy Kane. These men, these communists are both wackos who hate anything english and any body who works hard and has money to show for it. Doeesnt Jimmy Kane remind you of Faggin out of oliver twist ? They both leave a lot to be desired. PLEASE VOTE JIMMY KANE OUT OF OFFICE. HE IS A COMMUNIST WHO IS BAD FOR THIS TOWN . HE IS A TRUELY AWFUL PERSON.
  • The only recent semi-celeb to come from Corby is Stuart Campbell, played for Leicester's first team for a few weeks til he was transfered into obscurity!
  • Bill Drummond and Rev Drummond were related. Rev Drummond was the minister at St Ninians and they lived a few doors away from us. Bill used to babysit me and my little brother occasionally. He once turned up at St Ninians Church fate unexpectedly when I was there with some friends from uni - that got me free drinks for nearly three months!
  • Stuart Irvine, one time Apprentice Instrument Mechanic with British Steel and original lead singer with Local Bands St. Cecelia and Bumper is now a highly successful singer and songwriter in South Africa. Leslie Boyd, a lad bron and raised in Corby and whose mother still lives there emigrated to South Africa and has just retired as the Chairman of the Anglo American Corporation (Done well eh)
  • There was a Guy who used to go to Kingswood Comprehensive, about 1978 to 82 called Joe Murphy, I know because he used to be a bit of a Jam fan and was two years older than me, he is now famous in Holland and had some programme on dutch t.v. about brits working in Holland, sbs 6 or some channel, my sister saw him on it and says she remembered him.
  • Eddie McGoldrick started his playing career at Corby Town. He also played for Northamton, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Manchester City. He was also capped for Ireland when he took part in a world cup game in the USA.
  • A distant friend told me a famous band called Wellington came from Corby. ...... Who the f*** were they?? He played me their record and they sang in English.
  • Murray Glenn... ex Corby architect and guitarist extraordinaire Pat Lavin, singer in Harry Garter and the Elastic Band
  • HEY! RAGING SPEEDHORN -Corby's favourite export and er that bloke that writes inspector morse
  • Johnny Vaughan would like to correct the slanderous rumours by saying that yes he did live at 104 Willowbrook Avenue, but no he never worked in Corby.NEVER
  • Biased I may be, but... 'Wee' Jon McCann. Who didn't know him? He drifted away quietly in his sleep but there are many who remember him as a wild man. And rightly so. He set up the first Karate club in Corby (Danesholme), and he was proficient in that martial art throughout his tutoring. He became a 3rd Dan in 'Wado-Ryu', and then a 2nd Dan in 'Shotokan' styles. He also had the privilege of becoming British champion at one point. And looking at his size that was no mean feat, Maybe people will disagree with this contribution, but all I want is the great stories about him to be told for one last time, 'cos he'll always smile with us. Adam McCann
  • Brendan (David) Coyle (Actor) last seen in the ITV series ThiefTakers. Played the part of DS Bob "Bingo" Tate. Has also been seen in various BBC productions. His mother and brother still live in Corby. More info can be found at
  • Re: comments about the authenticity of Corby's ecclesiastical Drummond family....The Rev. Drummond, previously mentioned, is/was DEFINITELY the father of Bill "KLF" Drummond. Bill was one of my closest school friends and, in point of fact, his father, a tall, looming, statuesque almost Gothic man supervised the burial of my first son. Other ex-Kingswood bods will confirm this.
  • colin dexter was a teacher at kingswood grammar in the late 60's & early 70's
  • Just to correct a previous statement, it was the rev Drummond young who was at the church on Beanfield Ave. No relation to Mr Drummond from KLF. Billy McKim ran a 4 minute mile and went to the Tokyo games in 1964, he went to the boys school. John Purdie Played for Arsenal & Wolves.. There was A woman writer and broadcaster who also played cricket & Hockey for England, who was born in Corby. In the 1950s she presented prizes at The Girls School her name begins with P - can anyone remember her full name? There are also a number of Corby born who have been successful in the acting profession.
  • Owner, at one time, of all Nightclubs in Corby, Bip Wetherall. Loves dancing the night away as if he was Peter Stringfellow - but preferring pensioner power.
  • eddie MCgouldrick ex arsenal player
  • That old Hazel Nut Geoff Burrell had a book published by Penquin called 'Buster's Fired a Wobbler'.
  • Bill Drummond attended Kingwood (Grammar - as it was then) School. So did Dougie King. They were both in the same class-year. As was I.
  • Johnny Vaughan (Big Breakfast) used to work as a lifeguard in the Corby pool
  • I know it might be hard to believe but an up-an-coming international rugby star was born in Corby. South African centre Paul Baird was born in the former Steeltown to a Scottish father and French mother.
  • The cabin boy from HMS Victory when Nelson died (and snogged Hardy, allegedly) is buried in St. John's Church in the Old Village.
  • alvin stardust used to live in weldon and the lead singer used to live in the old village i dont know if they still do
  • Dougie King who Used to work on ILR Radio stations, he knows Loads of celebs including Billy Connely, Even Bill Drummond from the band KLF was influenced by Dougie`s music as a DJ. Dougie is a RAB C NESBITT (BY THE WAY)
  • Don't forget Bill Drummond, the son of the Reverend Drummond, who was the minister at the scottish curch on Beanfield Rd. Bill was the manager of "Echo and the Bunnymen" and "Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark ( O.M.D.) in the early eighties. Bill went to Beanfield School.
  • The guy who writes Inspector Morse novels, Colin Dexter, used to live in Argyll House in the town centre. He taught at the grammar school at the time - 1960s - which is now Queen Elizabeth School, and used to drink in the nice and homely Corby Candle pub. He's a bit deaf now and occassionally visits snooty Uppingham.
  • The '70's band St. Cecelia..who hit the charts under the guidance of Jonathan King with 'Leap up and down wave your knickers in the air' came from Corby.
  • Johnny Vaughn (from the Big Breakfast) used to be a lifeguard in Corby swimming pool!
  • The bloke who wrote 'Me and My Girl' 'You must be the Husband' and other similar sit-coms used to live just outside Corby, but he moved soon after Bips went down hill.
  • Andrew Cowan is Corby's most famous person. He wrote a book based in Corby (very easy to visualise exactly where he's describing) called "Pig". He won quite a lot of literary acclaim for it and picked up some (prestigous) award for being best new/young comer/writer of the year.
  • Mr Bip is the would-be Richard Branson of Corby except its more like Arthur Daley really?? He owns the entertainment industy, basically! When once caught speeding he revelled in the free publicity by placing a cheeky ad in the local paper. His beer has a name for boosting Anglian Water's profits!
  • Bill Brummond from the KLF once lived in Corby, but, he got famous and had the sense to move.
  • The lead singer from Shawaddy-Waddy(?) lives just outside Corby and can be seen shopping inour local ASDA. Eddie McGoldrick Ex Crystal Palace and Man City comes from Corby as does Lee Glover. Dixie Deans grandson lives just round the corner from me, and Stuart Campbell (23) who has plays at Leicester City (sub now).

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