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  • the tap, still some proper bikers but a lot of all the gear no idea riders,if you listen to them they all talk like super stars but with inch wide chicken strips on their tyres!wannabes not born to be's,
  • stanly, argyl, hooton, rake
  • as from the 12th of August 2006 the Argyll is wellcoming back Dave Muir the original pizza chef.same recipe ,same great taste see you there
  • The Argyle is a great pub apart from that guy called Smithy hes always drunk at the end of the bar chatting up a certain female.
  • Tap is by far the best pub. In some eastham pubs you see some folk who stay in the same chairs all day every day - in the tap different people are welcomed and not judged. Rock, Bikers, BMX ers, Skate boarders etc etc all VERY WELCOME!!
  • the argyll is a terrible pub full of people who think they are snobs and somebody
  • The Tap is the BEST pub in Eastham.
  • couple,but i prefer the venny for my cider! (cheap and nasty) nd (scalley water)
  • with reference to the couple who used to be the managers of the Argyll & suthererland highlander Inn on Plymyard ave.they wewre the best managers that pubs ever had.and they sold a good pint and the best pizza's in the world,now the've gone ,so has the best pizza's!,but there is a rumour from the old staff that you can get an argyll pizza near the 3 stags ?
  • Recent word on the street is that George Campbell and his lovely wife Barbara,who, many moons ago where the landlord and landlady of the Stanley Arm's in Eastham, have now bought the tenancy to the said establishment. If this strong rumour is true, I personally wish them all the luck in the world with their new business venture. It'll be nice to see them back !!!!!!
  • Stanley, Tap, Hooton, Ferry, All great.
  • Stay away from the Argyll unless you like a noisy, smoky atomosphere. Cutest pubs around Eastham Village - The Tap, Ferry Hotel, Hooton Arms and The Stanley.
  • The Ferry, Hooton Arms and the Stanley are all great, cute, country-like pubs and really homely.
  • We have mentioned all the watering holes of consequence in Eastham except the most important of them all. The EASTHAM HOME GUARD CLUB in Park Road, this is the last bastion of male exclusivity, the only club for miles around where females are not only welcome.THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER AT ALL. This is an excellent club with four snooker tables one bar billiards table which is studiously ignored by the saner elements in the club.(99% of the membership), the beer is reasonably cheap and gin & tonic is really affordable. This is an excellent club with friendly male only membership.
  • In answer to your question, The Stanley hasn't had a snug for donkey's years, it has got a pool table and a big screen telly for watching the football And a barmaid with nice legs!!
  • TH RAKE,on Mill Park Drive,not the liveliest place in the world, music on Sunday O.K. for a quiet pint in working class (or doley)surroundings. THE ARGYLE,in Plymyard Avenue,a more salubrious watering hole.Food available afternoon and evening,quite a nice hostelry. THE HOOTON ARMS,a nice quiet; (no music or juke box)pub where you can have a drink in pleasant surroundings, with gleaming brasses, polished woodwork and good service. EASTHAM FERRY HOTEL,down Ferry road on the overlooking the river Mersey with panoramic views up and down the river and adjacent to the Wirral Country Park.A historic rambling pub that serves good drinks and excellent food. Ideal for families to have fun in air in the country park and sustenance after their exertions.Busy at weekends. THE TAP, another historic pub with bags of atmosphere, just a couple of hundred yards from the Eastham Ferry, overlooking the river, popular with bikers and the younger folk.
  • The Stanley Arms, Stanley Lane. The Hooton Arms, Eastham Village Road. Does it still have The Snug?

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