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Skateboarding Spots
  • Outside Victoria station, near the football museum, lots of ledges with decent height and okay concrete
  • The Pump cage on London Road. Urbis. RIP gasworks.
  • Central skatepark- 21 Mason street. £8 if your not a member, £5 if you are a member, and membership is £10 a year. (Or £4.50 if you buy it from their website) Great park. About 6000 Square feet or pure ownage!
  • Projekts skate park on London Road, just down the hill from piccadilly station. Only £2 a day. open from 3pm - 8pm mon-sat and 12pm - 5pm sundays.
  • There is Sale waterside it is a long sloped hill with a beautiful 2 set, massive run and long waxed curbs to grind the perfect skating spot and you can climb over the wall looking onto the path next to the canal and caveman it is an amazing drop just make sure you are experienced enough to land it and not lose a board to the smooth waters of the canal. There is also a church called St. Marys church on Harboro road coming out of Washway road near the busy junction, it has long smooth waxed curbs perfect for grinding and a nice 4 set with an O.K run up it gives you just the right amount of speed. But dont let the vicar catch you he is mental and will bite your head off and he says his steps are getting "ruined" but take no notice of him he comes like twice a month just let him cry about his church which skaters have basically destroyed. In the summer you will be bound to meet some new friends there.
  • Urbis and the new Spinnigfields spot if you're lucky.
  • Urbis is hot but the street wardens are a pain. The gasworks, but rumour has it that it won't be skateable for mch longer. For skateparks either the pump cage or Platt Fields park.
  • Urbis is the main street spot. Its a bust in the day but in the evening lots of skaters risk it for a biscuit. It can be a bit of a scally magnet at keep ya eyes peeled and skate in the opposite direction of large groups of tracksuits.
  • urbis, salford many spot,
  • Urbis, the G, pumpcage, Platt Fields and Bones if it's wet.
  • The best skateboard shop in Manchester is NOTE skateshop on the corner of Tib Street and Church Street. see
  • Best skatepark in the North West is easily Central Skatepark, the world famous. Hottest 50ft wide mini and sick ditch, yes you heard me right an indoor ditch, there is also a totally moveable street course, its way better than anything else in the North West and totally cheap to use, Support this park if you know whats good for
  • Urbis baby yeah!!!
  • projekts skatepark is good but a small park urbis is good but the fucking security kick you off bridge water halls 8 set is ace an gas works is fully of serynges
  • under the Mancunian way in Ardwick...
  • there is a small thing going on in hulme park and opp. the old Hac site near the BT buildings
  • This is a pretty cool area to skate its located between the Manchester student union and the tower building opposite jabbezz cleg...totally open and i havent seen n e no skate signs. a few spots around this area include ramps and benches and levels (stairs) check it out...safest time of day to go...night during the day its packed with students
  • Skating outside Urbis is the best spot in Manchester. I thought they hated our kind of street culture in Urbis but they have got a massive street art show on with Dave Kinset and everyone so I was obviously way off!
  • grizzly 8 set...uve probably seen them on "leisure". pretty perfect and small to bust shit on then take it to bridgewater 8 over the rail. lowry at salford quays...rarely get kicked off..pure stairs from 1 to 6 and the six has quite a bid disabled access gap aswell..proper small 13 set there n all but its right next to the canal. Oh yeh theres a sick warrrington skatepark, bit sketchy in places with gay blocks but all in all its good, nice flatbar and pure inter twining bowls. Theres some do-able handrails in the city centre aswell near B and M. Bridgewater school in worsley, 3 set massive playground, u can climb the fence and get inside where theres 2 fives, ones got a square rail goin down it.go and front board it. Bones skatepark in bolton, its mint. old secton was better than the fuck off pyramid thats in there now but its still a good park.
  • ince skatepark in wigan is adefinate spot 3 quaters and a halfpipe a funbox kicker and a grind rail sometimes gets overcrowded with bmx which can piss u off but otherwise a good park and its free
  • Bridgewater is a great place to skate. With a big 8 set and a very doable rail. PLus right next to it is the peble which is possible to ollie off but nothing specail though. Gas works is as good as everybody says it has a shit 2 and 3 set plus a 7 with an angles run up. Check umist and around there with very long 5 set which is quite good. Castle field has a big 7 set near the key 103 place gud but a tricky run up. Urbis is gud for people who like to grind but get kicked off easily. IN side the M.E.N there is a high four set with rail down very good starter rail then go up in a lift to level seven wheres thers a few things to do but only go there if its wet. Theres is bones skatepark in stockport not far from manchester its the best park around with big 9 set onn the way next to asda and lets not forget skater grove skatepark(leight street skatepark) my local very gud with 5 ft quarters, spine, rail, ledge and flat bank not for beginners though. Have a good time skateboarding
  • whitworth street, the gas works
  • A good sk8board spot is the manchester uni's area there is plenty to grind and near the scream bar on oxford road near the uni's there are some good jumps, steps and stuff to grind. Hav fun and lets all get more girl sk8ers involed
  • There is a brand new skate park open in Hyde all concrete-nice biggish quarters, ledges,spine,flatbanks etc. (bowt 9 miles from manchester city centre) its more or less down the A57 and the 201 bus from town goes straight to Hyde Town Centre. It is then just a 5/10 minute walk (ask a local for either the park itself, Hyde Leasure swimming baths or Hyde Football club cos the park is right next to both) have fun cos its flood-lit to and usually closes at 9ish but sum nites till 10! Hyde also offers some not bad street spots and can range from real simple (5set,ledges, curbs etc-TRY MORRISONS) to very gnarly (ledge-to-6foot drop-into-flat bank) so its all good! Dont expect a massive amount from the street but altogether (with the park etc) it can offer a cool days skate with plenty of shops etc!
  • Hokay....where do i begin. If you go to the "gasworks" on a nice saturday afternoon you will find the place brimming with sk8ers. It's not really that good a spot (2 step, 3 step, 7 step with awkward run up, waxed curbs which are virtually ungrindable). I'm kinda sick of this place having skated it way too much but it's still the main meeting place. I dont know too much about parks....i've been to pipeline/woodhouse a couple of times but everything is kinda vert and bmx orientated so i stick to street. Urbis is a nice spot but i've already been busted there once...twice more and it 1000 fine so i kinda steer clear although the nice ledges are really good for grinds/manuals. They have rescently built some super smooth ledges near the john rylands library (near the uni). In fact the uni has some really nice bits to skate. If you can be arsed finding the "Zochonis building" it has a really good 5 and 4 step round at the back entrance and in all the time ive skated there i've never been kicked off. Appart from that i suggest exploring around the uni and around castle field.
  • Gotta b the triangle for the kids!
  • outside the URBIS CENTRE, and CANTHEDRAL, there's lots of ledges which are ranging in height, and some steps close by.....niiiiiiiiice spot
  • 1) Nasty people at the council have put stuff on the triangle so you can'nt skate it!!! Anyway there is a better skate spot now in the form the the lowery centre... IT AMAZING 1 set to 6 sets and amazing skate terrian!!!!! GO THERE AND REBEL AGAINST MANCHESTER COUNCIL!!!! 2) The wood house skate park - aka PIPELINE is now open again without the full pipe and its had a RAD! referb!!! Go check it out!
  • Today I spotted a few ramps down behind the Kath Locke centre (who IS that woman?!)
  • the pipeline has not been closed or demolished- it has recently re-opened and is now caled the wood house skatepark. the full pipe hAS BEEN REMOVED and replaced with a new street course. all cdaqy 5.00 specials throughout july - go check it out for yourself
  • New dedicated skateboard centre is the Mackie Mayor building on Swan Street,near Shudehill corner.
  • Crown Square just to take the piss!
  • the Triangle, and the new sk8 park.
  • new skatepark opening in manchester city centre!!!! based on street this is gona b a park with a diference for more imformation email me on
  • there is a place called the "gas works" near castlefield and deansgate where all the skaters are alleged to go. also try near the printworks but skating is allegedly banned there. i dont skate by the way.
  • pipeline skatepark in ancoats has been DEMOLISHED. sob. still theres still hulme skatepark but its pretty dangerous there. bring a gun
  • the new marks and spencers blocks are seriously skate heaven. but watch out, as no skateboarding signs influence the locals having dinner, to shout abuse at us. umist.
  • ST ANNE's Square, outsiade Mark's AND Spencer and piccadilly gardens.
  • Outside Marks and Spencers, ledges for grinding ollieing, and transferring
  • In front of Gmex is flat, there are a couple of ledges. Pipeline is gone, there's supposed to be another park being built soon. UMIST has lots of decent places, and the University is worth checking out, so wikkid banks outside the Medical building.
  • Manchester University Campus has some popular skatebord spots. 1) Between the Student Union and the Refectory (both on Oxford Road): lots of traffic free space and high curbs 2) Outside the Medical School on Oxford Road - not as much space but wide steps and an incline running the entire length of the building.
  • Piccadilly, but watch yourselves because the council seem to dislike people having fun. Proof in the fact that they don't want us to skate in Piccadilly but won't give us an alternative except skate parks that cost a bomb.
  • Pipeline is now (and has been for ages) closed. Rumour has it that some Christian group are taking it over (!.....rumour remember!) and that the doors have been kicked in so you can still skate there... yet to check it out meself though. Any more info would be appreciated
  • Crown Courts just off Deansgate nice banks,stairs and curbs have a good look round there's lots to see and do if your not careful you might miss something!!
  • St Peters Sq. near the cornerhouse cinema has a good kerb - if yo dont mind an audience of old ladies at thebus stop!
  • pipeline in ancoats - tel: 0161 272 6884
  • Hulme Park - Installed in July '99 Jackson Crescent 1.8m midi-ramp, two quarterpipes and a Funbox with slide. Polyester Ramp Surface - check it out
  • Piccadilly square near the bus station is brimming full of skters on a saturday afternoon!
  • Gasworks near the Hacienda.
  • Oxford Road: Excellent big curbs, under cover. In car park beneath bridge down the end of Oxford Road.
  • The Town Hall has benches and a cool block thing to grind.
  • Trouble with a bye-law against skating near Town Hall etc these days...
  • Bridgewater Hall, has an underground bit to skate when it's raining and has some rad steps (lots of them).
  • pipeline skatepark in ancoats, has a full pipe etc.

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