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The Worst Things
  • Smoking weed makes you a paranoid Schizo cunt murderer. Fuck you dealer scumbag.
  • The locals who pretend they're from Manchester. ''My uncle lives in Manchester, that's why i support Man U''. Yes it appears that everyone in Runcorn has an uncle living in Manchester. Oh yes also, none of these 'uncles' support City. Weird eh?
  • Plastic scousers
  • Brookvale. How many wools in one place!?
  • Runcorn is split up into sub-sections. It's like the movie 'The Warriors'. When night falls, the streets are not safe. If you lurk into enemy territory, you could be in danger. The middle area is Halton Brook, Halton Lodge and Hallwood. This is the 'new town', so not many original Runcorn locals dwell here. To the North is the 'Old Town'. This is the seedy part of Runcorn. It's long dwelling locals are mutated due to years of inter-breeding..long before new dwellers came to the town. People in this part of town, live in poor conditions. They have no access to such things as TV and internet and are very weary of outsiders. To the south of the town we have Grangeway and Beechwood. The locals of Beechwood like to pretend they are not part of Runcorn. They vote Tory and take afternoon tea. Their neighbours, from Grangeway, are friendly enough people if left alone. They spend their time sniffing old gas canisters and tip-exing their teeth. The West of the town is known as Weston Point. This area is waste land. The population here is very spread out and very rarely seen. It is rumoured that the inhabitants retreat under the surface of the River Mersey at night fall. Nearby is the 'Heath' area. A hot bed for crime, and beastality. To the East of the town is Murdishaw, Broovale, Palacefields and Castlefields. This is a strange area of the town, as the inhabitants speak in a dialect and accent that differs from the rest of the town. It is a fake accent that they have borrowed and put on, in order to confuse other Runcorn dwellers, in hope to defuse violent situations. Locals in this are very timid and tend to hide-out in safe hide-outs they have built over the years. Hopefully this brief guide will help you should you ever find yourself stranded in Runcorn as night draws near, and the sun goes down. May God have mercy on your soul.
  • The Man United fans. Man United seem to be the choice of club for locals...for no apparent reason. Runcorn is not even close to Manchester, and even if it was, they why no City fans? Ask them why the support United and they will usually reply..'because my dad did', or 'Iv'e got family in manchester'.
  • The locals. The ones from the old town who were born and bred here. They are like muntants. They hate everything from the 'outside world' as they call it. They hate out-siders and can often be heard talking about the 'good old days' when they would gather under the bridge and inter-breed.
  • The worst thing about 'Sunny Runny' is the people who whinge about how bad it is. Yes there are bad points, as there is with any place, but it is what you make it and what you accept from it. This town was my childhood home and I love everything about it, I love taking my children back there and showing them things you don't get in Manchester. Sure lot's can be changed for the better but instead of whining about it go and complete your education and do something about it. So much has been changed some for the better some not so good however at least the people responsible try and improve things rather than bitch about it.
  • Runcorn holds some deep shady secrets. A recent poll in the Runcorn World newspaper confirmed 94% of Runcorn males encrypt their hard drive.
  • Everything.
  • The fact that Runcorn is linked by The Bridge (Jubilee Bridge in fact) to inbreed city (formerly known as Widnes). This miracle of modern engineering allows the ignorant and ill educated access to our fair town. I cite the following example: "Widnes actually being linked to Runcorn Scum by the bridge Runcorn is full of plazi scoucers who carnt string a sentance together" Plazi? not a word. carnt? Surely you mean can't - the apostrophe indicates the omission of letters in order to shorten the phrase can not - it is not an invitation to insert letters so please stop. And finally sentance. I fancy if you re going to criticise a whole town for their lack of education, one should learn to spell. The word you are clumsily grasping for is sentence. Runcorn used to be a great town and sadly now it isn't. Judging by 95% of the comments on here, it is evident that the educated have long since gone. I however, like a dumb ass (and for family reasons, returned. Fortunately, having grown up here I can see past the inadequacies of the current inhabitants but my God I fear for the future of the town.
  • Well... There's Halton Lea or 'city', as it's known to it's smelly inhabitants. I swear to god, you can not walk through that building without encountering fat, little mosher girls, swooning outside Tesco over the guy who works there (KYLE). If you were planning on getting the bus to a destination, forget about it! You'd have more look winning one than boarding one. Bus drivers are the most repugnant fat, old geezers in the world. Persistently looking people of all ages and genres up and down, sorry mate, but your job is driving a wagon full'a wackos, you have no right to be a snotty cunt. Runcorn is also noted for having every decent shop closed down for no reason, but by some bizarre twist of fate, the local off-license remains completely fine. Well, I suppose anywhere would, so long as it's funded by doleys, buying pot noodles for their 3 year old son. Runcorn makes Hiroshima look like Central fucking Park. Whether it's encountering a friendly paedophile offering to buy you candy or just simply witnessing a mugging, you will surely not forget Runcorn in a hurry!
  • Getting bummed in school by the baldy slobbering deputy head who threatened to expell you unless you dropped ur skidz and touched your toes.
  • Jay Allan.Proper fat pedo beast
  • I live in Runcorn,, it is a crap hole,, and i was born in Liverpool but I'm not a plastic scouser,, not all people from Runcorn are uneducated. there are a select few who live in Runcorn and who are educated but cant afford to leave, grow up people.. get a job and get a life.
  • skool mr lions fox,mr the beatings and cumbo oh thats me yeh me i hate me fuckin twat sorry shouldnt swear
  • the daft kids who think life revolves around skateboarding, dressing in black and making plans to leave this town when they know they dont have the intelligence to make it anywhere else
  • The worst part of Runcorn is it's depressing and uneducated population. Not to say that all of Runcorn is this way, but take a look at some of the messages on this board and you will see what I mean!
  • Balfour Boys School on Balfour road
  • there is too many takeaways
  • the fact its runcorn
  • Chavs, or Riverside College
  • Lard-arsed, potato-faced fat slags chain smoking, eating and drinking themselves silly and blaming the chemical pollution for their poor health.
  • Erm, everything? yer, that.
  • all of it it all needs to be bombed and rebulit with new people living in it
  • Runcorn consists of Hicks and Dicks.
  • Full of bloody chavs
  • Sleazy fellas and desperate slags
  • Chemical industry. Areas of the New Town.
  • Grimsey of palacefields
  • Plazzy scousers! Ppl from Runcorn are NOT scousers. They are miles away from Liverpool. Any1 from Runcorn, Widnes n St Helens aren't scouse.
  • the worst things about scumcorn is the girls are cheep sluts who would do anything for a fag and most girls have std
  • being near widdy and having the smell drift over the mersey! castle fields! it looks like a really badly built butlins!
  • halton brook, plastic scousers, straw hat (pub), and intimidating youths
  • coming back to runcorn
  • People who think they are scousers and think theyre boss even though they come from Runcorn. It's in CHESHIRE not Merseyside!!
  • Everything except for family and memories. Especially those f**kin scallys that jump me.
  • tracksuiters, tracksuiters, tracksuiters, when hell got full they came to runcorn
  • The hundreds of CHAVS, where did they all come from? Anyone heard of nuturing?
  • living here
  • being bored
  • bank chambers...... most of this town is a magnet for piss artistry / gangs of shaven halfwit kids / incest and medical bordom....
  • Being need to Widnes brings its ills, smells and the risk of rugby heading south.
  • Having to be there
  • the stinky ponds.
  • Windmill Hillbilly's. These ppl hang around in groups of no less than 35. They hang around.. yes you guessed it.. outside the shop. They will start a fight and after getting knocked out by all of them all at once, they'll brag about how hard they are. if they're so hard.. wheres the one on one fighting??? If you are lucky enough to find a windmill hillbilly oout on his own.. approach him and knock him out by blowing on him... they're a bunch of pussys that cant fight
  • everything scruffs, scallys, plastic scosers, SCUNCORN EDS MAAAAAAATE!!
  • One of the bad things about this town is the amount of woolybacks who think of the non-woolybacks as being 'fake scousers' which, lets face it, would be like calling anyone with an American accent 'fake Irish'.
  • most of the lads in palo's r weed heads they call themselves 'palo crew' and hang round palacefields shops, sum times they splash out n go down the cinema 2 smoke some weed wen they feel like being adventuras. if u wanna rough it then go down langie on a friday nite meet every1 at beechwood near the bridge near the shop and u will guaranteed 2 get pissed, most probley shagged or something. watch out 4 the pigs near langie shops tho coz u get caught if u r not careful - i shud know
  • Nichola roberts
  • the lads. all askin 4 a "suck". is that all they can say. and that we hate woolie back obbsession! does any1 kno wot a woolie back actually is??? cos it isnt wot u think it is...
  • Scousers everywhere moaning about how crap Runcorn is and how they like to go out "In Town" on the weekend for a few bevvies when they actuall mean going into the city of Liverpool for a fight.
  • brookie school is now halton high. an imalgination of brookie and norton priory the plastic scousers who start fights and get twated
  • The Old town, it all needs to be knocked down and re-built with better shops. The amount of stick you get for bein either a scally, mosher, goth etc, who cares what we wanna dress like we all have our own taste. People need to get a life,and stop takin the piss outta ppl.
  • CHEMICL PLANTS constantly poluting the air
  • everything exceptt my good self and my extremley fit boyfriend we r the only 2 non mutants left
  • Drunk neighbours attacking me and kids kicking footballs on my wall. Pathetically low wages - how am I supposed to live on the minimum rate?
  • the town is full of teenagers and scallies. not to mention smackheads. who seem to be everywhere now. poundland. teenagers spitting everywhere. the fact that 70% of the youth aspire to being smackheads. did i say poundland.
  • Over populated by scousers who have all got kids with the dodgy "plastic" accent and track suits with the bottoms tucked into their socks.
  • The councillors of Halton whom I would not wipe my a... on!
  • castlefields estate smell in widnes when you first go there
  • the old town and the people in there 20's runnin around like kids with there under developed brains. id rather drink out of my bog than drink in one of the pubs. the police couldnt control their bladder!
  • The Shopping City and so called 'New Town' estates where it's thoroughly unpleasant to live. The way the council has run the 'Old Town' down and shows no sign of ever supporting it. The way Widnes (part of Halton) benefits greatly from the council. The Starlings. The smells from Widnes. The take away food strewn all around town at the weekends. The unsavoury yobs who roam around in the evenings.
  • runcorn station what a mess give it a paint or knock it down not a good advert runcorn bridge notice all the rust get your finger out council,looked after when cheshire county council were responsible
  • no clothes shops or electrical shops old town runcorn plenty take aways and second hand shops you could always go litter picking and help council out
  • Castlefields is a no-go zone after dark!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
  • Police pick in ya up 4 nothing
  • You always have to explain where it is to people from further than warrington. Also the fake scouse accent has rubbed off on the next generation so they now speak it genuinely, but are unaware of its grossly fallacious beginnings. I fear it will evolve into the first entirely nasal/saliva based language.
  • ICI stinks man!
  • Everything else.
  • Residents or ex-residents who just slag off their home town. Where they were born n bred. You should never be ashamed of where your from..even if it is Runcorn.
  • The Weather but thats just England
  • The shopping city. The smell (from Widnes). The Royal. Scallies.
  • Talking to people who used to live here and have 'got away' describing it as if they were Refugees escaping Bin Laden and then to slag Runcorn off, not one of the best of places to live but you are who you are despite living in Runcorn or some qaint little village in the know who you are people!
  • Probely everthink i hate the plase and would not recomend it to any one
  • Runcorn is; City of Freaks on a hill by a river. Shampoo is a rarely used luxury in these parts.
  • Lacoste trackies don't have stripes you ignorant wooly meff.
  • Southgate was bad if you lived there. Castlefields and some parts of Palacefields bit rough. Norton Priory schoool full of rough nuts. People not very ambitious or inspiring. Bus station in the oldl town. Oh yes and the old town which original Runcornians seem to bleat on and on about when it is a little dingy one horse town full of woolybacks. Don't knock Liverpool unless you've lived there, oh and yes Liverpool schools are a cut above Runcornm schools, much more cosmopolitan and better education. Runcorn Education Council, think they must be saving money somewhere.
  • 14 yr old imitation scousers who are oh-so-hard in gangs of twenty+, but cry like babies if confronted on a more indivual basis.
  • The worse thing in the entire of Runcorn has got to be the Grange girls. They think that fat football socks look good with a pair of Rockportboots. whats with the 'Ah mate! ' every time they see one of thier 'crew' ?
  • boring nothing to do but drink
  • ICI and the fab stench of polltion as you drive into western point/western village
  • The worst thing to have happened in Runcorn recently is the closure of Norton Priory Community High School. It seems that HBC had no intention of ever letting it remain open, it is on a prime site and much money can be made from its redevelopment. Brookvale also closed but has re-opened this term under the new name of Halton High - the pupils remaining at the Norton Priory site will have left within the next couple of years and the outcry of the school closure will have died down leaving the door wide open for HBC to increase their profits with no real benefit to the community. Graffiti on the bus shelters. Ignorant bus drivers. Buses that don't turn up. Non-existent buses (before 6.00am and after 6.00pm). Dustmen not collecting bins - not clearing rubbish they have dropped. Not being able to get home from Runcorn East Station in the evenings. No bus shelter at Runcorn East Station.
  • Everything within 5 miles of the River Mersey, River Weaver, Bridgewater Canal or Man Shippy ....hmmmmm, sounds like that just about covers all of Runcorn and the surrounding area!
  • Fake steady on 3 stripe tusken raiders! i.e. uncomprehendible scouse screech, with 3 stripe full on lacoste suits tucked in, yes! tucked in to grandads pringle socks (sold to their peanut heads for 4 million quid) all on a foundation of brown/tan Rockport boots.
  • People who destroy everything - no wonder its a rough town.
  • ICI, the Busway, lack of vision of local council
  • Err, everything. Particularly the plastic scousers, who think that they are living in Liverpool, wear 3-stripes, buy the liverpool echo everyday, and speak with a fake scouse accent that Harry Enfield could do better. People who sit on their arse all day, talk about their days under the bridge in Garston, aren't arsed about runcorn, and would try and knock you out if mention manchester or anything bad about liverpool.
  • You have already red about the addidas three stripe scallies, what about the bad lads wearing fake two stripe pants
  • The friggin' stench.They blame Widnes but cruising alond the A55 towards Shit City from Gods country the dead give away is the expanse on the left dedicated to petrochemical refinery. They have the funniest accent-Manc/Scouse/Rem(edial)-but not in that order
  • its true the worst thing about runcorn is the plastic scousers but why moan about the place i was brought up in runcorn i am a true runcornian through and through but i had the good sense two years ago to GET OUT OF THE PLACE. now i can view runcorn in very different eyes when i come home YES I STILL CALL IT HOME ITS A SHIT HOLE BUT IT IS THE SHIT HOLE WHERE I GREW UP. take my advice move out the when you visit again it doesnt seem as bad and you get to see old your old mates who havent moved on at all .
  • Widnes actually being linked to Runcorn Scum by the bridge Runcorn is full of plazi scoucers who carnt string a sentance together
  • Beware of young looking people, they are often spontaneously abusive with absolutely no provokation and have recently gone through puberty thus aquiring an amazingly broad scouse accent and distant appearance.
  • Halton Lea
  • Plastic scousers, second generation scouseres whos parents moved here from Liverpool, standard dress is 3 stripe pants and a burghouse coat, the accent if the stronges most fake sounding scouse you have ever heard! high unemployment and more than its fare share of smack heads, burning down schools is considered and extra curricula activity
  • Shopping City or Halton Lea or whatever they call it now Halton Borough Council (have they heard of Runcorn?) Runcorn Bridge, a bottleneck for traffic at 8am and 5pm everyday Police, very average
  • People putting Gypo families next door to you, because the council have expelled them, so obviously private resedential areas are the best!
  • Having widnes classed as 'Halton' urgh such the wrong side of the tracks.
  • next door neighbours who have 174 children and constantly beat there wife and fight all my other nieghbours
  • Smackheads selling door to door bacon, and bisexual guys thanking their ex-girlfriends for the moon and the stars...
  • beware of 12 year old fake scousers

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