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Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire in Sheffield, South Yorkshire*

Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire

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Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire
  • Attic Studios Sheffield is offering all new bands a free Rehearsal and Rehearsal Room Recording.
  • Ebb-Tone Recording Studio is an ace place to record. Really professional vibe and sound quality! Complete with kitchen and chill-out facilities. Really good rates too! Think they do PA Hire pretty reasonably as well.
  • studios it has to be redtape, a sheffield classic and not bad on price
  • Get Sorted, Rotherham
  • P.A. and Lighting hire The Cause tel: 0114 266 7997 I have found these guys to be the cheepest and the Best!
  • G2 Studios, John Street (next to Stag works) Best sounding room in Sheffield, really cool people and they did our demo and it sounds awesome! Plus, they're pro but not expensive.
  • stag works nr the utd ground or red tape on shoreham street
  • Hilltop recording studios Dronfield
  • Nightingale Audio Systems in Neepsend. PA and lighting hire, dry or wet. Also repairs equipment and can supply gear too. check out the website and watch out for the kids.
  • P.A. / Lighting hire - Anyone relise "the Cause" was in sheffield 266 7997. huge Turbosound riggs and moving lights etc. do most work in Europe but will do giggs in Sheff if asked!
  • Been to a good Practice place in barnsley, nice setup,well maintained equipment, just off M1 too!
  • highcliffe booooozer
  • down near the house skatepark there is a recordin studio called 'mis' ---> 'made in sheffield' its run by a very nice young man hu cares about the music scene n not jus how much he can get in the tills, i did some work with him a while ago n it all seems great down there, even has a indoor cinema/projection room if u wanna chill out n watch a dvd.
  • Attic recording studios in neepsend have three excellent rehearsal rooms, good gear, pool table etc and they dont tollerate idiots so its always a good atmosphere! i got their number out of the yellow pages.They also do equipment hire.
  • red tape studios
  • "Pink Promotions" has rehearsal rooms as well as organising most local gigs in a variety of venues.
  • -> Theres the stagg works of London Road, nice drumkit and PA. Red tape studios, downtown and a few other practice rooms round the area.
  • People must go to Yellow Arch.. it's the best don't you know.
  • eyre lane studio analogue recording and rehearsel room hire/budget prices,professional sound/city center location,5 min walk all public transport stations,more info
  • Rehearsal rooms, its got to be Yellow Arch. Check out their Web site.

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