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Live Music Venues
  • Gatehouse pub cwmbwrla
  • monkey, the office, sin cities
  • The Expresso Bar
  • Sin City, 14-16 Dilwyn street is now open with regular gigs by local + rouring bands, upcoming events are listed on the website
  • NEW LIVE MUSIC VENUE, 2 floors set up for club/live music events. SIN CITY, dylwyn St, for those of you in the know it used to be Harper, then Liberty's, then Casablanca and most recently the Engine Room The main room will see touring bands plying in swansea after a long spell with no suitable venue
  • The Inferno, the Uplands Tav, the Chattery, Escape, the New York, the Monkey...always a good atmosphere good music.
  • The Uplands Tavern, always a nice buzz there, never any bad vibes, and always good music
  • The patti is pretty good...also the local rugby clubs and society clubs atre cheap as chips to hire and put on a great show.
  • castle square!They have some fun bands there!
  • So bar Swansea, on Wind Street!
  • walkabout, the square and revolution are the best pubs down wind street!! cafe mambo is a definite stop off if u like multiple orgasms!! (im talkin about cocktails) !!
  • Pavillion
  • local bands in escape bigger bands in patti pavilon
  • Escape, on Kingsway. They do Face/Off every Friday, which is a rock night for OVER 18's (sometimes have bands) and they have an UNDER 18's themed rock night every month. Previous themes have included The Nightmare Before Christmas and um...Pirates?! Future ones include Rocky Horror. Also, the Patti Pavillion has attracted many famous bands such as Bowling For Soup and Funeral For A Friend (I think!).
  • Ratti Ravilion, venue of the now Legendary Man Christmas Party
  • Patt8i Pavillion, basically all the pubs have a little band that go there quite often.
  • patti pavilion(wat a shit name eh!!) the dunvant social center morfa stadium sum times and that about it
  • Any pub in the Uplands area. The Office. If you are old enough to remember the cardiff arms or the coach house then you know that there is nothing to beat them.
  • Patti Pavilion gets really good bands, most are up and coming, but not unknown. Best place far as I'm concerned.
  • party in the park
  • patti pavillion
  • The Coachhouse, but I've heard that's gone now for some trendy pub.
  • If u want gigs, then its jst a matter of finding out where and when, go to music shops and u will be able to find info there. A popular spot is the Patti Pavilion where some major gigs are hosted on a monthly basis.
  • we wish. Go to cardiff!
  • patti pavilion... lost prophets, american head charge and 1oo reasons are just some of the bands that have played there...
  • Pennard primary school and swansea dogs home
  • Singleton Park to loads of festival type things in the summer, and castle aquare has vaious Swansea radio road shows on.
  • BARONS Thursday once a month hosts the GARGLING TAR night. 4 or 5 bands, some local, some not. GARGLING TAR is a rock'n roll experience, boyo. See the mighty CH'P RUN ROADKILL and friends.
  • Swansea Is Horrible for live music. Alomost every band sounds exactly the same, with exeption of Stickman, Sons of thunder, Pistol Whip and Adam went Home. Upstairs in the monkey and ellingtons are where it's happening.
  • unfortunatly some fantastic venuses have closed down (such as the coach house and the cardiff arms) however we still have some good places. Upstairs from The Duke(Ellingtons) you can find at least one night of the week some very good live bands performing (and some not so good). In Mumbles theres the fishermans club and occasionaly in Swansea the Zone(Now renamed the Rockit) occasionaly has some good bands. Also a new sister club to the Rockit has opened up caled the Beatbox where they have some astonishingly small and unknown bands performing .
  • Swansea gay scene now located at H20 (Formerly the Waterside), in the marina. The old Palace is now a straight club. There is also another reasonably new addition to the Swansea gay scene in the form of the Exchange bar on the Strand.
  • Ellingtons and The Singleton try very hard to cater for local bands, with regular gigs.
  • Uplands Tavern
  • Uplands Tavern is the best pub at the moment
  • The Zone Upland Tavern
  • Not a great music area. Ever since Patti Pavilion closed down there's no medium sized venue. Various pub bands, especially in the 'Oirish' theme pubs. Pantardawe Arts Centre puts on decent bands but no dancing room, you have to sit down! Pontardawe Arts Festival is groovy; everywhere in Pontardawe gets involved. Gower Folk Festival centres on one pub: excellent selection of bands, but both Pontardawe and Gower require cards to get to - public transport won't get you back after about 10pm, usefully enough.
  • Barons
  • live music--------there are loads..the hafod inn-(mic will look after you. the travellers well in skewen live music fri,sat,sun, for full list of local live music venues and acts on. in the gig guide within the freetime supliment in the evening post news paper every friday.

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